Virtue becomes fruitful

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Virtue and sin are not dependent on the outward form of a work, but on the one who does that work. The exterior form of a work may not be so good, high or exquisite, but if the inner feelings of the doer are bad then that work in God's court will be only in sin. People can be deceived, the world can be confused or misled, but it is impossible to deceive God. By observing the outer form of work in the court of God, the impersonation of religion is measured by examining the person's feelings.

Today we see many such slys around us who do great things to do but their inner intent is very contaminated. In the guise of the orphanages, widowhoods, gaushala etc., many miscreants straighten their owls. Yogi, Mahatma Sadhu, many monks wearing monsters of Sanyasi roam roaming roaring. In the name of offering sacrifice, many people fill their house by collecting money. Outside view, the orphanage, widowhood, gaushala, saint, sannyasi, becoming a Mahatma preacher, making yagna, well, temple are good works, if the person's doer is distorted, then this good work is also not something to increase his main asset Will be able to do it. The person will become a sinner because of his sinful thoughts, he will receive only the penalty of hell.

If a man does simple work. Life is like a modest person, but if he keeps purpose, emotions and thoughts elevated in those simple tasks, then even ordinary work, like penance, virtue becomes fruitful. Not only that, but it also happens that those who work out from outside, even if they are done with goodwill, they also become Dharma. Just like violence, killing someone, killing or killing is a direct sin. But if the wicked are killed with goodwill of protecting the world from the terrorists, wicked and evil spirits, then it becomes virtuous and not virtue. Lord Krishna encouraged Arjuna to wage war and killed thousands of people, but it did not take any sin from Arjun or Krishna. There was a huge massacre in Ram Ravana war, but not a sinner who killed those evil people. Even here violence is direct, even though violence was goodwill, therefore their work was virtuous. Likewise, falsehood, theft, deceit etc. are also religious only when done with due purpose. Those who do them do not feel guilty but only virtue gets the reward.

Readers should not fall into illusions by reading the above lines. We are not appreciating the condemnation of evil deeds or untrue acts. Our only means is to say that the external form of the work is like this, because of this the gross sight of the world can be seen in the glare for some time but God can not be pleased. In spirit before spirit and Spirit, the spirit is very important. The subtle intellect of the people of the world also values ​​the feeling. If someone has given any kind of banquet or some other kind of work for some kind of selfishness, then when people come to know the real thing, then people cheer their minds for their tricks, take a sneak peek Instead, it is considered as a driver rather than a god. Now, let's go to the other side by mistake, compulsion, or non-knowledge by any person, and if there is information, then it is also forgiveness for that wrong thing. Courts also focus primarily on the plaintiff's law. If the culprit is not proved wrong then the criminal does not have to become part of the harsh penalties.