True meaning of yoga

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'Yoga' means 'add' - 'meet' The ordinary state of man is such that it is incomplete. To eradicate this imperfection, he accumulates more power by connecting himself with any other power, increases his power and by the strength of that strength, removes incomplete and grows at full speed towards perfection; The purpose is. 84 are famous yoga and 700 unpaid sum. The functioning system of these different uses, method of law and practice is very different from each other, even though the same fact is working in the root of all these. Media is different, but only one element is assumed by all those mediums. On the contrary, from greatness to greatness, from imperfection to perfection, from unceasing to Satya, from tama to light, towards death, to nectar, the progress of which is the name of yoga. The effort to make the ultimate soul of the Atom Soul is Yoga. This attempt is called the yoga path through the paths it takes.

There are different paths from different directions to reach one place, there are many ways of self-expansion. In these paths there is a difference of gross vision, but in complete sense, the complete form of unity is unity. As there is no bread, no rice, no porridge, no dessert, no fruit, no meat to quench hunger. All these things are different from each other, even then these 'hunger deletions' are all accomplished. Similarly, the mantras of Yoga are of the same purpose - to expand self-enlargement - bond with the tail of greatness.

There are also several types of formulas that have a 'Ghantar Yoga'. The more importantly, the all-accessible and the simple labor is achievable, as much as it is thought seriously above it. Even so, the accomplishment that is achieved through it is less than any other yoga but not much. Gharishthram is confirming and increasing the other three ashrams, in other words it can be said that 'Brahmacharya, Vanaprastha and Sannyasa are meant to make all three Ashrams at home and make them happy and peaceful. Brahmachari therefore abides by Brahmacharya that his future household life is powerful and prosperous. Vanaprasthas and ascetics, seek to make people's interests more profitable, make the world more happy. What is this 'folk' and 'world'? In other words, there is a house-house only. The three ashrams on the one hand and on the other hand, these two measures are equal. If the arrangement of the house of the house becomes deteriorated, then understand the deaths of the other three ashrams.