Things You Need to Know Before a Vacation to the USA

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Even though the night has arrived, USA still does not lose its lustre. As Frank Sinatra said in his legendary song New York, this city never sleeps. city known as the symbol of the Statue of Liberty, indeed promises an extraordinary experience for 24 hours.

Exploring New York non-stop will bring a unique experience for tourists. No exception for tourists from Indonesia, who mostly come to peel the city out. Before exploring further in this dream city, there are some important facts that must be known.

1. Manhattan is famous for its skyscrapers, business, museums & shopping tours. Bronx is known as city residence of New York Yankees baseball team, Brooklyn is known as city with most population known as street art & its old buildings.

Whereas Queens is known as largest city with most diverse ethnic population. In this region, many Indonesians live here. Finally, Staten Island, located southernmost with fewest population, can be enjoyed from Ferry which connects Staten Island and Manhattan.

2. Best travel time starts in spring

City starts to show its beauty in spring, around April. In summer and autumn, the weather is more friendly for tourists from the tropics. Many tourists avoid the winter in December because they have to wear thick jackets that add to the burden.

In addition, during the winter it is also at risk of a snowstorm that causes many public facilities and shops to close. While January-February is coldest month in New York, on average it reaches 0 degrees Celsius and even minus.

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3. Drinking water tap is available in every place

New York City (NYC) claims to have the best clean water system in the United States. They spread water taps in various city centres. No need to carry a heavy drink bottle or buy water at a convenience store, you only need to look for a water tap and open your mouth, your thirst is gone.

4. Beware of bums & superheroes

Even though it occupies top position as a modern world city, don't be surprised if you see a lot of homeless people. Generally, they just sit and ask for small but not disturbing money.

In addition to homelessness, you will also meet many superheroes like Iron Man, to Monsters Inc. They will be very friendly inviting them to take pictures together, but this is not free. Don't forget to prepare a tip for them.

5. Don't forget the tip

Tipping has become an American culture and a must for tourists. So prepare the US $ 2-5 for tips for taxi drivers or bellboys. As for the restaurant, they provide a choice of tips listed in the purchase receipt starting from 15 per cent-20 per cent of the nominal value, except fast food restaurants where the tip is voluntary.