The responsibilities of the liability

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No person is genuine, serious, responsible and heavy without answering the responsibilities of the liability. The disordered calf shoots a lot of jumps and ladders, but when the weight is on the shoulder, one has to take one step with great caution. When the elephant stays in deep water, one takes a leg in its right way and then puts the other ahead. All his caution and intelligence are centered at one place at that time. The condition of detention, which is called Yoga by concentration, does not come from concentration kori chattuni jamwandi, it requires an inspiration responsibility. When the burden of homesteading, man moves towards responsibility. She and her family have to be loaded on the back and they have to walk, so she feels the responsibility of leaving the bustle. This responsibility only goes forward to discrimination. Just as the king has to walk in the footsteps of governing an empire, in the same way, a gentleman has to take every single step with full foresight, thoughtfulness, patience, tolerance and self-control. By making a horse like a rider, a good horse makes it a good horse, and in the same way the householder also makes a self-restrained, far-sighted, serious and stable mind by making a bitter and sweet experience. These are the symptoms of yoga. Just like fruit is separated from the cast by the time schedule, so the man sticking to the house of the person slowly gets education for self-determination and self-sacrifice and eventually becomes a type of yogi.

Lipsa, longing, craving, gluttony, madandhata, indecision etc. are bad things, these bad things can happen in the household ashram and also in ashrams. That is why the householder is not able to give up the ashram, but only to renounce his kuvasanas.

If the flow of water is released from any source, but if the flow of the flow is stopped, then the water will get accumulated by the other way. It is also a matter of this kind of work and meditation with mind and Brahmacharya from outside. The excitement that arises due to the lust in the mind, seeks some way to break down. If the normal route is closed, then it turns out by making another route. This new route proves to be very dangerous and harmful.

By observing the census reports around the world, this truth becomes even more clearly visible. The percentage of married men and women as per the death ratio of widow or widower is often deteriorated. Seeing from a thick sight, the biography of the married couples is less and the less expense of the unmarried, it seems to be possible for the married people to be short-lived and patient, but the opposite is exactly the opposite. Unmarried people can not do as many married couples as they can, while pulling the load of sexually transmitted decay, feeding children, more anxiety and responsibility etc. The only reason for this is a mental disorder arising from the lack of lust, which is very fatal, its toxic flame burns all life elements within itself. There is no great achievement even after the instability and uncertainty of the mind that great work can not be edited from them. In this way, they live in unmarried more losses than married people.