The mental composition of Human

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Dr. Fryd has described the mental composition of man as saying that any good or bad work done by the knowledgeable creatures, their subtle depiction remains in the inner consciousness. Gramophone records are filled in songs in line form. There is a dancing singing in the music halls, as well as many playbacks, these types of sounds have a kind of brief and subtle integration with the power of power, and it becomes like a line in a place in the record is. The record kept is kept immediately or not, when it does not start automatically or if it only reveals the stored sounds, when it is rotated on the machine of the gramophone and the needle rubbing is from those lines. In the same way, whatever works are done, the subtle lines of their work are kept on the inner consciousness and gradually accumulates in the inner corner of the mind. When there is a needle shock on the record, the songs filled in it appear. Likewise, the lines deposited in the secret mind only appear on the trail of a suitable occasion.

Indian scholars have been keeping an eye on 'Karma line' from ancient times. There are many tips in 'Hindi and Sanskrit literature', which are manifested that there are many lines of karma, which do not wither without giving its fruits. About fortune, it is widely believed that Brahma writes some lines on the next head bone and there is no one to remove the article in the meaning that means it is no one to erase them. Doctor Weibens has searched countless lines in each and every atom of the gray matter (gray matter) of the brain filled with the help of astronomical instruments, how these lines are formed, its physical direct cause of them Not found, then by testing the atoms of many brains, it concludes that inert, lazy, and thought, these lines in zero creatures Hut are made low, but much larger numbers of hardworking and Vicharwanon. Hence these lines have been certified to write both physical and mental works in brief and subtle form.

This underline on the atoms of gray matter of good deeds (which can be called the sacrament of mindlessness in the words of reverence) proves the reality of mythical Chitragupta. Similar sounds arise from the meaning of Chitragupta words. The secret picture, the secret mind, the inherent consciousness, the subtle mind, the previous mind, the inner painting itself seems to be manifesting the chintagupta word for the meaning of these words. Writing the word 'Chitt' in a hurry becomes like a 'picture'. It is possible that a picture has been created by spoiling the mind, or in ancient times the picture and the picture have been conjuncts of the same meaning. The lines of action are a type of secret picture, so in those small numbers, secretly, subtle, large event pictures are hidden, assuming that Chiragagupta is a verb system, the ancient research coordinates.