Part-1 The inner image of our secret picture

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This Chitragupta clearly writes every work of every creature in his book without resting at all times. Everyone has different pictures. The number of creatures, the same is Chitragupta, so there is no doubt that how much writing work can be accomplished. If the systematic information of the activities of the gross body remains inscribed in the astral consciousness, then it is not surprising. 'The mythological picture is one and there are many here' This doubt is not even deep. There is such a distinction between light and light. Indra, Varuna, Agni, Shiva, Yama, etc. Devta Bodhak subtleity is considered as comprehensive. Like the wind of the garden, the air of dirty nallah, etc., apart from the distinction of many names, the world wide air element is essentially the same; in the same way, the Chitragupta deity, which acts differently in different bodies, is also one element.

How does he write about the deeds of each person on how much, how much, how much? It will be told in the next rows and on the basis of the works lines written by Chitragupta, the details of heaven and hell and their arrangement for light will be highlighted.

In the previous rows, the readers have read that the inner image of our secret picture continuously continues to work as Chitragupta Deity. Whatever good or bad we do, we take down the microscopic images and keep depositing it inside us. On the curtain of the cinema, a long-standing picture of man appears, but his film is only one inch wide. Similarly, the phenomenon of sin-worship is forgotten, but its subtle picture is drawn within a thin line, and that line sits fiercely on an atom of the secret mind. The little handwriting writers write a little over the papers on the back of a slight vomiting-straight lines. Karmarekha can be considered such a divine shorthand.

It may have been so long ago that the readers have had so much information that there are two parts of the mind- one excitement, second interference. The outer mind argues, thinks, crushes, decides and changes its intentions, but the difference is like the naïve, but the determinant child, he does not bite, but the Shraddha And works on the basis of faith. The outer mind can think that the lines of sin karma should not be inscribed above it and I should mention it in the form of charitable deeds. Thereby, do not have to suffer sinful fruits and get plenty of good fruits, but the inner mind is not like that. It judges like a just judge, no greed, greed, fear, selfishness do not affect him. It is said that there is a divine power inside man, the second satanic. You can call the secret mind in the power of divine power and logic, mind, deceit, selfishness, and the outer mind that is engaged in greed. The outer mind can deceive, but the inner mind is the true spirit of the soul, neither does he behave in a way that is deceptive, neither deceit or deceit. Being fair is his nature. That is why God has entrusted so much important work to him. The world calls it Chitragupta Deva. If he too had been biased, how could he get the degree of such a high judge? Our secret mind is always with every watch like an intelligence detective, and those who are doing bad things, their amazement keeps on recording their intelligence in the diary.

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