Part-1 Sudden Pleasure and sorrow

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Many occasions such occasions are present which appear to be contrary to the natural laws. A man spends a great life, but suddenly such a calamity comes upon him as if God is punishing any wrongdoing. One man performs bad deeds from the bad, but he plays the descendants of peace, all kinds of happiness and good luck he receives. One gets a lot of money in lottery, in gambling or in some other place, but the second most diligent and intelligent man suffers from lack of it. A person achieves great success only in a little hard work, another fails to try hard and catch the very right way. On such occasions, words like 'prarajdh', 'fate' etc. are used. Similarly, the epidemic, disease, famine, death, extreme rainfall, disaster, lightning, earthquake, floods etc. are also called fate, destiny. Accidental accidents, mental disasters, discontinuities, etc., which can not be avoided, come into this category.

It is fine that such incidents fall short, due to the inverse result of effort, the exception of accidental occurrence, no matter how low, but there are definitely and they are sometimes harsh that they should not be neglected. Can On such occasions, those who possess ordinary knowledge of the world become very confused and make such assumptions that prove very fatal for life. Some people are very angry on God. Blame him and give a lot of abuses, many become atheists, say that we worshiped God so much but he did not help us anything, worshiping such a God is useless, with the desire of many great human beings Sages-saints, worship gods and goddesses. If, in the meantime, some harmful incidents have occurred in the meantime, then they start condemning the place of worship. It has also been observed that at the time of such a casual incident, if a new creature has come into the house, no animal has been bought, a child has grown, a new daughter-in-law has come, then imposed the fault or credit of that incident on that new creature goes. This new child was very fortunate enough to have got so much profit, this daughter-in-law came in large part to come and annihilated as soon as possible, due to this credit or accusation, sometimes such tragic tribulations arise in the house that they will be remembered The adventure goes on. New daughter-in-law came to our house in a gentleman's house, on the same day a young boy from the house died. The death of this death lies on the new daughter-in-law, all the house is taunakasi- 'This big part has come, it came as a sacrifice.' Every time the insult was not tolerated, the daily routine of the householders could not be tolerated, so that the kerosene oil sprinkled water. Poor innocent widows are a common practice to get the title of partisanship, kalamunhi and witch. The reason for this is the misconstrued misconception in mind about fate.