Some Things About Being Women and Feminism

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Some Things About Being Women and Feminism! Life and struggle are stories that cannot be generalized, but one thing that is certain is that being a woman is difficult. Whether in the part of the world where you are, what your job is, believe God or not, perfect or ugly, how much or not you read, how far you have gone, no matter what your skirt is, living being a woman is difficult and will remain difficult.

I don't need to tell stories about violence against women or discrimination on campus and work, right? (Eh, or do you still need to?). I'm not trying to spread feminism that an equal world is a utopia. On the contrary, by departing from the agreement that life for most women in a society that is too patriarchal like this is difficult, we can leave together from there.

He said, to get a good dialogue we must look for the similarities of each party as a starting point and find what we can do together. Being a woman is difficult, of course with the characteristics of different difficulties, but there is a starting point.

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"Being a woman is difficult" is not a complaint, it is a reflection. Reflections that need to be done for both men and women themselves.

Truly, this is what often makes me sad. We always feel that we are okay. It does not need to be too far away, even many women do not realize that they are being harmed in the "hegemony" of the patriarchal social system. Feminism does not look at gender, but the way of thinking: patriarchal women exist, many in fact. Feminist men also exist.

In the end, there will always be " Yes already, after all, we are just happy and happy".

I believe in absolute freedom in making any decision in everyone's life, but only when the person has thought carefully and knows all the consequences. What is happening now is, not many are able to think carefully and don't even have a chance for that. Hegemony in patriarchal ways of thinking that make us blunt, makes us unaware that we are victims.

We did not realize the many victims we sacrificed, how much value we had to pay. I really don't care whether you are happy or not, but everyone has their own perspective, but this way of thinking hinders. Limit opportunities to have a better life. This is about feminist you need to know.

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