Some of the most Cleanest places in India

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I thought, write on a subject which is nowadays from every Indian-Prime Minister to the common man's mind and mind. The campaign is going on in this country, and it must have begun in your city or village too. I have prepared a list of India's three most clean and my favorite places that I want to share with you.

Kalka railway station of Haryana

Where is the world famous Kalka-Shimla Heritage railway line? Many years ago my husband Shimla was being Manali. From Bangalore to Delhi, went to the airplane, then from there to the Kalka train, then by car ahead of it. I was shocked by seeing such a clean station. There was no mention of dirt. I was sitting in the car waiting, hungry too, thought to eat something. On the platform a man was making pulse and potato curry. When we got up and went to the puddle, I saw the wadded floor in which it was fried, it was very clean and the oil placed to fry was completely transparent.

Madurai, the oldest city in Tamil Nadu

Madurai is known for its ancient temples, especially the temple of Goddess Meenakshi. About 2,500 years old, this place is an important cultural and commercial center of the state of Tamil Nadu. This city has also got many 'titles' - East of Athens, Malligai Maanagar (Mogra Nagari) etc. If you ever plan to travel south India, then surely Madurai will go.

I had to stay in the waiting room for several hours to come back. Until the arrival of my train, I just walked out of the station. Wash the entire platform cleaned up, and all things in its own place. Looking at my surprise, the gentleman sitting next to him said, that due to this 'good maintenance' Madurai has also received Railway Award, indeed!

Bekle from Mangalore

The last favorite of my top-three list is not a single railway station, but a complete 'root'. It was about a month ago, the family thought, let's do a lot of work, now take a small break, but there was a holiday of Diwali, and here people did not book anything, neither did the hotel nor anyone Train or car. Could not go much far away because it is not impossible to get a tick for such a long journey.

We chose Mangalore, just 350 km from my city Bangalore. Away, the beautiful city on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It is not known whether it was the impact of the government's cleanliness campaign or nowadays railway officials are doing so good maintenance to all the railway stations. I found that almost every station was completely spotless clean. Not only to Mangalore but also from there to the railway line towards the state of Kerala. I have visited many places in Kerala, its capital of Tiruvananthapuram, Guruvayur, the famous port city of Cochin - and I find that state also good. Why not- Where there are thousands of coconut trees, palm and mile to sea, and small beautiful island. Only then they call it 'Gods on tree' - that is God himself! As far as I am concerned, the state of Kerala is also very much ahead in the case of cleanliness, I am sure it has a deeper relation on its literacy rate.

This time we had to go to a town called Bekal, where the 400-year-old district is famous, and when filmmaker Mani Ratnam shooted a song called 'Tu You Re' from one of his films 'Bombay' This place became even more popular. Located on the sea-shore, this district is a unique sight in itself. At first glance, the Beckel Station, which has inspired the heart, made it a place for me in my mind and my list. By the way, which place will be in your top-three list?