Self-belief in fasting

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By observing the rules, there is a sense of self-confidence and discipline in man. These two powers are essential for the upliftment and development of life. In the absence of self-power or self-belief, man is engaged in small physical purposes only. Life becomes disorganized without discipline. Due to lack of centralization of power and efforts, no significant success can be achieved. To achieve the spiritual goal, to collect the scattered powers and to keep them engaged in lifelong purpose, it becomes possible only by conducting it in conduct. Regularity is the main basis of systematic life. The process of self-purification is fulfilled through this.

I strongly urge to progress in life. This work is accomplished only by purifying the soul or purifying the soul, so I vow for Vrata Charan.

Patience also comes with self-belief in fasting. Self-confidence enhances the accumulation of powers, and by patience, the power is filled with powers, then the soul automatically becomes manifest. Without power the ability to hold the soul does not come. Vow is the source of power, therefore it is a major requirement of self-refinement. If a person does not have knowledge of his power and nature, then he can not raise any kind of life in life. Only when the power comes, the sense of self-confidence emerges and man moves towards rapid growth.

A human's spiritual response is the aspiration of a higher rise. Wishing to attain perfection is the natural quality of man, but we lose consciousness by making life miserable. Every work starts from a small class, then leads to hardness. The initial stage of fasting is to achieve the great goal of self-knowledge, through which we can make human life worthwhile. The person becomes great by the way of Vrata Charan, the sooner you read this lesson, the more merciful you are.