Quotes of Time

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1. "I don't know, how much time is left for me. One hour, one day, one year, ten, fifty years? Can I use that less time to give meaning to my existence as a servant of God on this earth? Can love, virtue, forgiveness and gratitude always grow from within, when I breathe the air from the Supreme? "

2. "Don't delay. Don't spend half your life waiting for the right time. Often, when you realize, the right time is past. If so, you can only regret it. "

3. "If you have free time, I send you a box of memories. Also some mild questions. How are you there?"

4. "It seems that the time is the most powerful in life. He doesn't compete, never complains. Never fear. While humans - me and you - continue to age, the plague continues. "

5. "However, there is no word of waste on time for people who seek the essence of love. That in love grows there peace and not the only conflict, but blends both in a genuine equivalence "

Inspirational Quotes of Time

6. "When going up to the top of the mountain there is a time when we go down when we go there is a time when we go home when we meet there is a time when we separate. In the end, we realize that there is a time. But I hope not for friendship, no friends in their time, only friends forever. "

7. "Time is a luxury that sometimes you don't realize and you squander from your grasp. When you wake up, you suddenly grow old, your skin shrinks, your hair turns white, and it's too slow to cry over so many opportunities that slip from your hands. "

8. "Don't blame time. If later he betrays you. Every second you stretch out will strangle you with the rest of your life "

9. "The journey of our lives is getting heavier, until one day we are helpless by the pain, but this is the life that we must experience, even though sometimes time is not taking sides, but let the sunrise into the morning."

10. "Don't be sad, when you take a friend, and time will replace it with another friend. Make peace with time, because time will grow and heal. "

11. "Time can never be caught. Can never fall down. Although it has been chased and trapped. Even though it is old and decrepit. Time has tarnished every sheet of our lives. "

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