Part-7 you are the creator of your world

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You have understood that the world is immaterial, therefore deserving of restlessness, but it is not detrimental in adhering duty to self-determination. The truth is that by adopting mortification, we can grow fast on the path of development. It is a huge mistake to think of the world as sad. It's soothing. If there was no happiness in the world, then independent, pure, Buddha and happy soul are never ready to come in it. Sadness and nothing else, the lack of happiness is the name of misery. Wandering on the highway and wandering in the prickly shrubs is sad. Most of the sadness, opposition, hatred, conflicts, discord are fictional, others are not really as bad as we understand. If we clean our brain and throw out the colorful glasses of the eye, then the true nature of the world will start to appear. It is similar to a mirror, even if the bad for good and bad for good. As soon as our eyesight is to see good and to make affectionate improvements, the whole world gives us love to spit on us. The spontaneous love of the soul free from the space is like a spring showers. Like cold glasses, the burning of winter light becomes soft, as it is the feeling of happiness that one particle of the world goes on leaving us part of our happiness and peace. Treasures of pearls for greedy insects and for swan are well filled in this world. The same things are ready for you, who want to. Treats the world as sad, sinful, unjust, then in the same form as 'Mansa ghost'. When you accept soya, then enjoy a delicious roast like a fakir and enjoy the king's blessings. Indeed, there is some degree of sadness and sin in the world, but it is tolerable, it is the one who seeks the importance of happiness, which is the sin, it is the spiritual practice of self-improvement. If there is no arrangement for examination then there will be no difference between scholars and fools.

The readers have been helped to know from the above lines that due to the origin of the creation, we can not be the reason of sadness. It is similar to a mirror, so that every person can see a turtle like his ugly or beautiful face. 'The world is imagined', under this statement of philosophy, the secret is hidden that every person understands the world according to his imagination. Many blinds touched an elephant. The one who had touched the tail, started calling the elephant as a snake. The one who caught the feet looked like a pillar, who caught the stomach, seemed like a mountain. The world is like this, the form is determined by looking at its adjoining location. You create an atmosphere of purity, love, fraternity, generosity, affection, kindness, attributes and vision around you. If you make your vision to be sublingual, then we can swear that you will become like this world like the Sun God, like the high stairs of Heaven. Even if the neighbors consider it as bad and annoying according to their bad and painful imagination.