Part-6 you are the creator of your world

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You follow the simple path, abandon the policy of fighting, rubbing and rubbing, and follow the path of charity, improvement and affection. An Acharya says that 'love is more than a harsh kick.' Every person keeps on holding sattvikta in less or more parts. You touch your integrity and create awareness in its depth. Understand the person who has the devotional parts and try to increase them accordingly. Do not fight with darkness, spread out the light, if unrighteousness is seen growing, do not feel discouraged but try to spread religion. This is one way to eradicate evil that goodness should be increased. If you want air from the bottle, then fill the water in it. If you want to take air out of the bottle, fill it in some place, otherwise your effort will be useless. Once the wind is removed, it will be filled again for a second time. If you do not like standing in the place where the car is parked, then drag it and push it forward, your desire will be fulfilled. You want to remove the car, but do not like to move it forward, so just be happy that for some moment the wheels will be raised, the space will remain for a long time, but as soon as they leave it will be replaced again. . If you want to eradicate the faults that you see in the world, then spread their anti-traits. Why do you like to get rid of dirt? Leave him for others.

You take the work of perfume spraying. There is a need to get rid of dead animals in society, but you like to become a professor. Do not worry that if I do not wipe the leather, then who will wake up? Believe it, there are many such creatures in nature's kingdom. Those who punish the criminals are more than the nature required. If the boy wanders, then there are companions on his cheek, but who will find such partners, who will give him milk and wear clothes. Let others do the work of keeping you alive. Nature is very smart to give the answer to kick. You take the sacred pillar of that mother, who sheds out her chest juice and protects her child from the cold by shrinking it in the cold. Divide the higher philosophical knowledge you have, divide it into the small students of the school, like a scholar, a professor.

It may be that people should grieve you, disdain you, do not understand your importance, you become foolish and become opponents, present unnecessary difficulties in the path, but do not worry about it at all and do not get distracted, because they are absolutely Will be negligible. If a hundred men will take advantage of your love for you, then there will be two opponents. This conflict will be like a Divine offering to you, so that the introspection, the opportunity to improve and get the strength that comes from the struggle, keep on moving forward faster.