Part-5 you are the creator of your world

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There have been many such incidents in our experience, when we had to compromise between two opponents, two enemies had to make friends. How did the protest in both of them begin to do serious research, it was found that the real reason was very delicate, the two sides raised their own fantasies and became the talk of the matter. If you try to understand each other, both of you express their feelings on one another and study each other's desires, temperament, mano-bounty with generosity, the number of mutual tensions and quarrels you see, their ninety Percentages should be reduced and only one part from one hundred. Real-cause of conflict-strife is so small that their place remains the same as flavor changes in the amount of salt in the flour. Chilli is very bitter and its food is not tolerable, but it is interesting in small quantities.

The newly born child is very incomplete in the form of a human race from the lowly sexes, as a mother's womb, in it all the qualifications not according to the human society are at the beginning. These babies fall asleep in the day, they are awake at night, they also put stool and urine on clothes, crying out loud to fulfill the simple need of appetizing that the house bursts. The vulnerability remains intact. The mother whose mother's fertility is continuously going on fast, her house will be filled with these rampants, but does a father, mother, brother, sister leave home after being frightened by the exploitation of these newborns or fearing the increase? Disqualifies Living. The truth is that the Utpat also offers a great entertainment and day-to-day cutting for the generous heart.

Every advanced soul has the duty to try to advance others for self-development. Encourage the fallen people to rise and grow. Tamogun will be boiling in the society, there is no need to fear or panic about them, it is the duty of the soul seeking self-control that strengthen your arms while improving those bumps. Do not let wickedness grow, it is necessary to keep trying to dissolve the animal elements in human nature. Clever confectioner protects milk from flies so that milk does not become impure. Karma-Kaushal says that in the society, sinfulness should be stopped from growing. There is a need for great intelligence in this protest. That is the edge of the sword, walking on it will be really called yoga.

What should be your work in this world full of evils? Answer to this question, Lord Suryanarayana gives us. They spread the light, the darkness runs away, cloudy clouds rain, summer's heat cools itself, we eat food, hunger is extinguished automatically, practicing the rules of health, weaknesses themselves It goes away, acquires knowledge, ignorance gets away from it. The direct path is that the goodness should be spread to remove evils from the world. To eradicate wrongdoing, religion should be propagated. The true solution for the prevention of disease is that the importance of the rule of health in the public's mind should be put in place. It is okay to give medication when you are sick, but poor hospital is unable to take care of society. There is also a place for penal policy, but it meets the needs of the hospital. Treats the urgent need, the root cause can not be prevented by the penalty policy. Resistance is an immediate task, similar to operation. The only doctor whose job to do the only operation is to be called a butcher. The glory of that doctor, who fills the wound. If a doctor explodes to remove the pivot, then the wounds such as badly damaged on the incision, and the injury of the operation increases in the stupidity of the medicine - increasingly reaching deeply, rubbing the bone and making the patient dead for the patient.