Part-4 you are the creator of your world

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The sesame oil palm is hidden. In the game of forgery, the thief door touches a little because of a mistake. Jigger keeps a poli wood, in one side it is yellow yellow on the other side blue. Draws the dragon out of this hole, then yellow turns out, and when pulling it away, it becomes blue. People wonder how Dora changes colors, but because of this part of the dome in the wood part of the pole, it keeps changing. The world looks bad to anyone, good for anyone, the reason for this is the inner confusion of our vision. The secret to the confusion is that you change your attitude. Break away your old fantasy zanzals and throw them away. Do not put them in a corner by overlapping the various entanglements trapped in the brain. Open your third eye, enlighten the eyes and destroy the old world. Let the current Kalyug fall down in the pit of the catastrophe and make your satyagraha self in the mind. Stop seeing the darkness of the world and see the light Satguna. Then see that the world which had to be seen in hell becomes a heaven after a day. Yesterday you used to think your son disobedient, the woman would have seemed raucous, the brothers were worried about knowing, the friends were hypocrites, they would change at the same time with changing their eyesight. The reason is that as much conflict appears, in fact, only one hundredth part of the difference arises, the remainder is enhanced by giving the color of the imagination. The Son did not say to you for a simple reason or for any other reason.

You understood that this is insulting me. Anger came when the thought of humiliation came, with anger, his sleepy mind awakened and with his awakening, he became a terrible mental picture. As soon as there is fear in the mind, one of the big teeth, the red-eyed, black-browned ghost is produced from the bush, as well as the demonic picture of the psychoanalyst awakened by anger, like the ghost of the bush from the son's body It turns out The poor son did not even want to disobey me, knowingly or wrong, but the result was such that there was no hope. Father became enraged, began to hate, began to punish him and started shedding tears on his misfortune. Neither something has become so sharp. The son thinks that I am completely innocent, in the tune of playing, the father had forgotten or neglected the glass of water, so much anger, scandal, and improper punishment on such a matter is so unfair. The son gets angry with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis inappropriateness; he also instigates the same kind of mentality, in the simple heart of the father, evilness, stupidity, cruelty, hostility and not knowing how many defects accuse him and that too The ghost takes up stems. The bitterness grows in both. The ghosts fight among themselves and make sesame palm. The ghost of the imagination creates defects like a rising mountain, and they become the enemies of each other, the fierce enemy of each other.