Part-3 you are the creator of your world

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The angry person will go wherever he or she will go and find someone fighting. Any disgusting object will be found to be abhorred. All the people of the unjust man appear to be deceptive, rude and punishable. It is that man imposes his feelings on those who are in front of him and understands them as he is himself. Saints do not have to be treated with unbelieving women; Vidyaphasis get the sense of their knowledge, the knowledge of the inquisitors is fulfilled, the Satyugi souls live in every age, and they always keep satyagraha with them.

Our saying this does not mean that the world is washed with milk and you understand it with your own eyesight. It has repeatedly been repeated in the rear lines that the world is triple. Every single object is made up of three properties. It also teaches you children from small classes who are also studying in your class and those who are far ahead of you. All three types of people are here Satgunis are students who are higher than you, they are RajoGuni, who are studying in the orbit, Tamoguny can call the previous class. Thieves are Satogunis compared to the robbers, because the thieves are more of a lot of generosity than the robbers, but both the thieves and the robbers, the working laborer is high; Brahmin is bigger than that, and the monk is bigger than Brahmin. The monk is very high from the robber, but the monk from the liberated souls is equally humiliated, as the monk from the monk. The robber is the lowest, not the higher the serpent. The snake is generous for its cephalic, the robber generates generosity in his family, the thief does not steal his acquaintance here, the Brahmin remains engaged in the welfare of his caste, the monk generates generosity only, the life free of man or the ant There is no difference between the two. He sees only one soul everywhere. It means that every creature is incomplete before attaining Paramdeepapada, there will be nothing in the lower nature. On the day when all the meanness will come to an end, it will reach the last summit of progress and achieve the ultimate goal.

Every creature in creation is incomplete in today's present form. Incomplete means-faultless Of course, there are more properties than blame on all. Unrighteousness is present, but religion is more than that, darkness is very much, but there is more light than it. Worlds are very bad, but there is more goodness than malfunction. We should keep our eyes on goodness, rejoice with goodness, and only good should be forwarded. In the day we grow, work in the light, like to live in the light. When the darkness of the night comes in front, then the eyes fall off, those who have to work in the night, they burn the lamp. Our tendency to work in this light, sleep in the dark, teaches how to behave with the world. Find out what is a virtue in a man, find out him and keep in touch with him, enjoy him only, encourage him only, see those who are in flaw, right then, but do not get involved in them. Close your eyes as night. Those who know the story of Maharishi Dattatreya will be aware that as long as they keep coordinating both the dark and white aspects of the world, they are very worried and sad. When he lifted his sight from blackness and paid attention to whiteness, he saw all the creatures indelible, preached and purified; he made twenty-four gurus, including dogs, cats, cairas, spiders, flies, eagles, etc. . They felt that no creature was disgusting. There is a great soul inside everybody and they are moving forward for greatness, when we make our vision a virtue customer, then the whole world of the world is replaced, the place of the blame, the place of evil and the place of evil, in place of sorrow Happiness comes Very bad guys, very good.