Part-3 The inner image of our secret picture

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Another important point in this regard is to know that there is a separate law system for every person. In case of a bribe, a peon, a clerk, a magistrate, three men will be caught, the three will get different punishment. It is possible that the peon can get rid of hearing scandal, but the magistrate can not be dismissed without being dismissed because he has a big responsibility. An uncivilized Bhil keeps the stomach by killing the victim, the crime is also his own, but if a pundit who preaches non-violence goes to the Butcher Shop, then the Pandit will be guilty of many times more than that night. The reason is that the enlarging creature, as it progresses, goes deeper in its conscience. If there is a slight dust on the clay fabric, then it has no special effect, but if there is a slight smear on the cleanly washed clothes like milk, it shines from far away and seems very bad. The little kid straps up the clothes, but does not say bad to him or the child is ashamed of him, but if a young man does so, he will be called bad and he himself will be ashamed.

Children and older did the same thing, but due to the difference in mental development, the number of evils was reduced. Similarly, uneducated, ignorant, rude person feels less sin. With the increase of knowledge, the ability to understand good and bad increases, the discretion of virtuousness becomes stronger, the call of conscience becomes even stronger, thus increasing the responsibility of self-righteousness as well as the responsibility of morality. She goes. A minor peon gets a fine of up to 100 rupees on the spies, but if the military officer decides to order, then the court martial will be shot by the bullet. When a person with a knowledgeable, thoughtful and emotional heart does misbehavior, Chitragupta records that act in a very heavy category of sin. People from Gaudan cross the stereotype. But, like the King Nrip, a wise person went into hell only after making a slight mistake. If an ignorant person commits a crime, it does not have such significance, but a deceptive Brahmin becomes a part of the severe punishment. Being a king is good in all things, but the responsibility of the king is also the highest. It is a daunting responsibility for the knowledgeable people to persevere in virtue, otherwise the suffering that comes from the seven-storey high ceilings will be the same sadness.

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