Part-3 Rapidly changing world

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The mind is often not ready to accept this rule. Nature attracts him repeatedly for the pleasures and desires. He understands that we are being harmed if we go away from these pleasures. This maya or avidya is the idea to drop it from the path of self-welfare and there is only one way to avoid it - nature-jay It is not possible to get rid of this avid without harshly restraining human weaknesses. Every curious person who is heading towards the goal of life should definitely understand this point.

Difficulties can not be compromised in some way. Iron corrosion can not be washed by washing with water. To overcome the burning fire, it is more than expected to water. The more hard you are, the harder the mind is. If the speed of sophistication of old rituals is slow, then the work can be done, but progressively persistence and hardness are necessary in it. Friendships with circumstances can drop economic morale.

Man will get priceless funds like life, there is no fixed facility. In this life, some work should be done during the day, then it is wise in this. If the life of fifty-sixty or hundred years should be kept in the fulfillment of the pleasures and wishes, then what success of human life and the goodness of the powers was there? Lust-lust has been recognized as the cause of sorrow. In other life, if they do not have any side-effects or do not happen, no matter whether they believe it or not, the desires are troubling humans in this life. They create sorrow and trouble, so they can not be held justified. These people are about to corrupt lives. This thing should take a very deep consideration. Once the opportunity is gone, then there is still remorse. After the circumstances change, precious things also do not give any benefit, so intelligent people try to fulfill their goal in time.

God exists everywhere. There is no difficulty finding it, difficulty is only to kill your ego. Let yourself be taken, if your ego is melted in the fire of fasting, patience and penance, then God is visible to God everywhere.

As long as there is scum in the mind, how will light of God? As long as you can not get rid of your selfishness, how can you remember God? To get into this world, you have to lose everything first. For the prestige of God in the soul, it also has to destroy its ego. The sophisticated soul does not seem to find pleasure in getting God's pleasure. In between, if the ditch gap should be removed, then the accomplishment of life's goal is not a difficult thing either.