Part-2 you are the creator of your world

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Many people have seen many types of the same person. The mother considers her affection as the father, the father considers obedient son; the teacher wishes the disciple, the friend thinks he is a laughing stock; the woman considers the fatalism, the son considers him a father, the enemy considers deserving to be killed, the shopkeeper understands the customer, Believes, the horse rider understands, Pet Sugga sees the jailer who makes him prisoner. Fever, flea treats him as a tasty blood clot. If you can show a picture of those mental feelings of the mother, father, guru, friend, woman, son, enemy, shopkeeper, servant, horse, sugba, khatmal, flea etc. of all these relatives, then you will see that the same person In relation to all these related-what strange fantasies have been made, which are not exactly available to each other. None of these speculations are such that it reveals the exact and complete form of that person. That which makes him and the work he does, is what he imagines about it. The spectacle is that the man himself has made such an assumption about himself. I am a prostitute, I am lakshapati, old, sonless, mischievous, dignified, I am sad, surrounded by bad people, etc. Many other kinds of fantasies are able to live and live in that fantasy. As other people imagine their meanings about it, the mind also imagines itself about a cripple in their relationship based on the senses of the senses, and in the same imagination, people fly like a drunken man. 'What am I?' If this understanding was understood someday, then know that I had made a false impression about myself.

People fly on aerial horses of their own sentimental full-blown flight and fly in the very high heavens of truth, and ate the same drunken man in the same drunkenness. Some chew the cheeses of the mind, a drunken person is bursting their head by giving abuses to the front wall, and in the arms of a dog, she is kissing her dearly with the kiss. We are sleeping in ignorance of ignorance. Someone is dreaming of palaces, fearing seeing a fierce nightmare. Some Shekhchilli is getting married, no pagla is rich and rich in emperor. Various types of skulls are rolling in the crazy food of the world. All these idols are strange in their way, all are considered to be smart. If you have ever gone to see the madhouse and listened to the 'wise men' who are staying there for a long time, then easily compare the dreams of the oppressed people, which they see while sleeping about the world. .

We see people mourning in various kinds of sorrows and in different types of pleasures. 'The world is very bad; this time is very bad; the era of honesty has gone; dishonesty has spread everywhere; all are deceitful; religion has risen from the earth.' Such words which repeatedly repeats, Understand that he is deceitful and dishonest himself. Its desired objects have been gathered around it and with their help, a well-arranged imagery has been embedded on its mind. The person who does this says there is no work in the world, the market of unemployment is hot, industry has got up, not only get good work, understand that its disqualification has touched its face and wherever it goes, Looks at your face. The world is seen as selfish, hypocritical, arrogant, miserable, degenerated, debunkant, rude, and understand that there is an overwhelming majority of these qualities. The world is a luminous mirror filled with a long-range bellauri glass, in which it appears to have its face perfectly. For the person who is like this, the principle comes forth from the triple spiritual creation.