Part-2 Weirdness of Quanta

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He never took these things from Dada Ji very seriously. But today he remembers his grandfather a lot. Even when he was playing music tunes on the pages - even then, the memory of grandfather was being melodious. His father Johan Julius Wilhelm Plank used to say that Max, your grandfather did not only teach theology, but his own life was also inherently religious-perceptions. Father's words, the memories of his own memories, and the picture of the grandfather who had covered the golden frame on the front wall, he slept in his eyes. During sleep, his consciousness was unaware of the invisible. He felt like in the dream - as if he was on the banks of a river with bright waves in a very picturesque and pleasant place. And Grandpa is telling them - Max! The substance or light is the real nature of each energy. Just as the substance is composed of subtle particles, light is also composed of subtle energy particles. These energies flow in fixed quantity.

Do not know what was in this self, in the presence of Grandfather and in his talks, Max Planck was tired of the whole thing. The dense black-brown clouds that demolished his intellectual consciousness were disintegrated. He experienced the emergence of a new light in his own intuition. It was a new sunrise in their consciousness. This sunrise woke them up before sunrise. He went to work in his laboratory and went to work. It was winter time. Was the month of October of 1900. The fireplace was burning in the room. The light on the working table was also illuminated. They looked carefully at that and kept watching, really heat and light-energy are being distorted all over the form of particles. These energies are flowing in a certain quantity, scattering. For this, 'Quanta' was implicated in their intuition.

And at the same moment the quantum theory of energy was created. The spiritual experience of Max Planck itself has really given them new consciousness of research. Explaining this amazing experience, he told his friend, Autohon and Lys Metner: - Like the substance, there are also microscopic people of energies. Invisible also exists in the same way as the scene. There is far more important interplay than logic and mathematical equations. Real sense is germinated right here. Arguably, only expression is his. After a few years of this incident, he told his twin daughters, Ema and Greyi, and said - Betty! My invisible contact with my grandfather and my grandfather often remains.

In 1919 when he received the Nobel Prize for his research work. He said on that occasion- It is compulsory to be connected with spiritual sanctity with scientific experiments. With this he also said, 'If science increases its path towards humanity's harm, then it is not science. Science should always be philanthropic, for this it should be sparked with spiritual sensations. This is the scientific spirituality, whose historical scenario should be considered. '