Part-2 Types of sorrow

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The soul is pure in nature; He does not want to let these sinful thoughts and effects be accumulated on him; he remains in the care of how to clean the filth. When the harmful substances are stored in the stomach, the stomach is carried out in the stomach or diarrhea. Similarly, with intense desire, the soul wakes up to eliminate deliberate sins. We can not even know it at all, but the soul becomes very disturbed to remove its load within itself. External mind, gross intelligence does not seem to know anything in the process of unseen, but the intricacies are secretly engaged in gathering such occasions so that they lose weight. Humiliation, failure, discord, mourning, sadness, etc, etc., to get such occasions, man pulls from somewhere one day, in some way so that the sins of these sins are resolved in these unpleasant circumstances.

The mind is the chief in the body, theft, robbery, adultery, kidnapping, violence, etc. There is no selfishness in killing but there is fulfillment of the mind's desire, therefore, these kinds of actions, when the senses do not reach the pleasure of their actions, they are called mental sins. Such sins are the result of mental distress. Son of Son, etc. Death of loved ones, loss of wealth, public condemnation, humiliation, defeat, failure, needlessness etc. are mental distress, man's mental pain

Makes uprising, mournfulness arises, weeps and screams, mourns weeping, tears in the head, and tunes the head. This leads to feelings of selflessness, and in the future, the tendency of not doing unrighteousness and being in the religion increases. It has been observed that by constructing a picture of self in the daraghat, such expressions arise that the use of life should be utilized. When money is destroyed, man calls upon God. The pride of the defeated and failed person is shattered. When the addiction goes away, he talks of consciousness, the only purpose of mental distress is to clean up the envy, frustrated jealousy, ungratefulness, selfishness, cruelty, mercilessness, deception, pride, pride. Sadness comes because of the sinful nature of the action performed on the soul. The stream of pain and pain is manifested to wash the degrading rites of those pre-ordered deeds.

After understanding the cause of the divine-mental sufferings, now it is necessary to understand the cause of physical-physical suffering. The cause of congenital imperfection and parental diseases is to misuse those organs in the previous birth. After death, the subtle body remains. The new body is composed by this astral body. The body that is being misused in this life becomes very weak in the subtle body, as if a person makes a lot of sexual intercourse, then that part of the astral body will start getting weaker, that is why it is impossible to impotence in the next life Be done This impotence is not only harsh punishment, but also a great way to improve. For some time, he will be alert and able to keep that limb forward for a rest. For the physical benefit of the other parts of the body, sinful, unlimited, wastage of food, in later life, these organs are often weakened or destroyed from birth. Congenital diseases are found in the purification of the sins of body and mind. Or child incidence arises. The limb does not have to do much work due to its limb or weakness, so that part of the astral body gets rested after it rests, and again, it gets refreshed for the next life, as well as mental distress, the sinful load of the mind is washed away.