Part-2 The cause of Sorrow

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Undoubtedly some sorrow is also a result of sins, but it is also certain that they also come from the grace of God, with the pre-accumulated auspicious ceremonies and the penance of Dharma Seva. Similarly, when there is any calamity upon you, then you should not think that we are sinners, are unfortunate, there is a lotus of God, it is possible that the tribulation has come only for any benefit to us. Perhaps someone in the fold of that suffering Such a benefit may be hidden, which our little brain can not properly recognize today.

Others can harass an innocent person by doing injustice and tyranny. An individual suffering from exploitation, oppression and injustice can get sorrow. The tyrannical person will be punished in the future, but at this time innocent people had to suffer. Such incidents can not be said to be the result of the actions of the person suffering that pain.

The student has to suffer a lot in studying Vidya, mother does not have any problem in raising a child; The ascetic and the sage men take many kinds of misery for the welfare and self-esteem, thus voluntarily accepted misery and responsibility The difficulties that must be raised in the struggle and struggle, can not be called the fruit of misdeeds.

It is not fair to say that the person who has lost everybody is a saint of previous birth and a person who is lying in every difficulty is a sinner. Such recognition is inappropriate and illusory. On the basis of this confusion, there is no need for a person to consider himself as bad, to express self-esteem, to think down or to be condemned. The speed of karma is intense, we do not know it properly, only God knows itself.

We must be diligent and aware of every clock to fulfill our duty and responsibility. Those who come in pain, they should accept patiently. Man's responsibility is to obey his duty religion. Success-failure or sadness are due to many reasons, no one knows it properly.