Part-2 Sudden Pleasure and sorrow

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Due to not understanding the right thing, such people are taken into confidence in the heart of the people. Many people sacrifice the duty on the altar of fate. They believe that there will also be loss-benefit in this life, it will be according to destiny. Now, the actions that are being done can be rewarded in the next life, but this life is bound only in the ropes of destiny. When there is talk of taking action, effort or industry, then they say that the fate will be written as to what would have been written, who can attain Brahma scriptures, which God has to do, will be there, it is very strong, The use of these words is really so that when the accidental accident does not subsist, and the context arises in front of them. So the human brain becomes big disturbing, anxious. There is no blame in front of you, but there is a rage because of a trauma. There is no intelligence left in the charge, it is possible that the blossom rains on innocent and brings disaster, so by satisfying that trick, there is some kind of contentment, but we see that many people today understand the mind of the victim Runs like an ax over duty. These people are opposed to the industry and depend on fate by imitating the dragon and bird, if this gentleman is old and old, then the youth and adolescents who are near by their influence also have the fate of the fate of despair Put in.

The reader may have understood that the absence of information about the actual cause of accidental incidents, and the disastrous misconceptions that arise, and when they enter deep into the minds of the people, then make the life flow inverted, perverted and deceptive. Humans know the caste 'intense speed of action' from time to time and have been trying hard to find out the reasons for it. Many of his solutions have so far been discovered by the philosophers. The panchayogiakakar has highlighted the above 'jewel works' in the above verse, that it is based on the divine, physical and physical phenomena, the three types of casual pleasure-sorrow, accumulated and duty. Milk becomes curd or ghee by a special process at a given time. Similarly, three-dimensional karma also produces three types of fruits. They will carry out a complete, detailed and scientific explanation of how they produce emergent incidents.