Part-2 smallness of an atom

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There are different categories of 'taiyin', both of which are neither the power nor the name of the name nor even for the sake of the name but their speed is much higher than the speed of light and now it has come to be believed. On the day the particles of this class were discovered, on that day all the universe will remain a small area visible from the naked eyes. That is, the existence of human consciousness on that day will become very vast.
Some concrete bases of this hypothesis are electron, which are the atomic particles of Tardian variety, they produce gamma rays on mutual matching. These rays are the speed of light and therefore they come into the 'Luxon' category. Now if the constituents of 'Luxon', together with neutrons and gravenontons, present a new composition, then it will be the element of the 'tecton' class, and it will take only a few seconds to reach the end of the universe from one universe to another while the light The particles take hundreds of years to reach there.

The creatures manufactured from these particles within atoms are very important and an independent landmark appears in which the nucleus shines like the Sun, the electrons revolve around the stars, in the neutron and protons, the wonderful features of mountains, rivers, rivers, tree vegetation etc. Unique views are visible. This is the point of view.

The atom is not the ultimate shortness in itself. Even the subtle elements are sitting in it, and they are so small compared to the atom as the earth is compared to the solar system. In 1911, an English scientist, Ernest Ruther Ford, was using an experiment to put some radium metal in a tube of lead made of lead. By putting a curtain in front they put a gold plate of pure gold in the middle. This 'element' was very thin even when there was a dense concentration of atoms, radium atoms on it radiated like bullets, bullets like bullets on it. Seeing carefully, it was discovered that some atom has crossed the leaves and their aura is falling on the front of the screen.

By thinking, man also searches for the secrets of the sea; Rudder Ford thought, if the gold atoms were solid, then atoms of radium could not cross it. It was clear that there was vacuum also within the atom, it was polymerization that the polepana itself allowed radium atoms to move forward, but the whole part was not poles because sometimes the atoms of radium were dispersed in such a way that there would be any other within the atoms of gold The microscopic object is sitting and it also breaks the radium atoms coming from the gun. For the first time, Ruther Ford named it the central nucleus of the atom or nucleus. Since then, searches are being done on the search on the nucleus, but information about this subtle element can not be obtained in the form of foliage till date, but whatever understanding was understood, the Indian element gave greater emphasis to this recognition of philosophy that the soul The Omnipresent element is whatever in the world is all in the soul.

Even as small as the atom it also has a 100 millionth part small nucleus. Nuclear is more mysterious than Nuclear is. There is also control in it and the entire consciousness of life is also there. If the nucleus is really asked, then the atom's activity is the dexterity. In the same way, the devotee of the soul is the soul, until the soul receives it, he can not find peace.