Part-2 Science of Household

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To say, the limit of self-interest increases, the intensity increases from one to two. After this a small baby is born. In this service of nursing and nurturing this child, there is a lot of interest in selflessness that the person forgets his own pleasures and forgets the convenience of the child. Thus, this limit is more than two to three. This limit increases gradually. If the father brings a sweet confection, he does not eat it himself, but divides his children, staying in difficulty himself takes care of the health, education and happiness of the children. Day by day restrains selfishness, self learns self restraint and enhances its intimacy in women, sons, relatives, kins, etc. Successively goes towards self-control.

Lord Manu's statement is that 'Man is a 'complete man' by mixing his wife and children.' Until all this happens, he is a half-brother, incomplete and fragmented man. Just like entering the entrance test can not enter the college, in the same way, it is difficult to enter Varanpastha Sannyas etc. without getting the education of the householder. The extent of affinity increases gradually. From alone, husband wife in two, then with child, in three, relatives, neighbors, village, region, nation, and world, this affinity increases gradually. Further, self-propagation spreads in the entire human race, then in the animal birds, in insect kites, this self-expression develops in the core consciousness. The progress which has progressed from one to the other, from two to three, the same progress progresses gradually and the human being sees the entire power of the Self in the absolute form, it sees the divine light of the Divine everywhere as glowing. In the number of parts that are spread to your mind till the wife, there is restraint on your own self. In the end, the self becomes self-restraint when the child is children. In the end, the creature becomes completely self-restrained. For the second, the practice of forgetting yourself, becomes so much stronger, that nothing will remain of itself, everything is going to grow. The sound of 'I do not have anything to me, whatever is there' comes out from inside. The carcases go away and the insignia is erased. With the end of 'I', 'You' remains the remainder. When a small simplified spiritual practice of household yoga reaches its developed state, the soul becomes the divine. Getting rid of imperfection provides perfection and the real purpose of yoga is fulfilled.