Part-2 Rapidly changing world

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Man is the paramount, all-encompassing creature of world consciousness. In such a way, there was no such luck in any fourteen million animals. Lion is powerful, but where is the poor power of thinking? Monkeys can climb up the trees and get beautiful fruits, but they can not get to wear to avoid winter. The more opportunities and the facilities to see, hear, smell, walk, walk, eat, drink, and enjoy the pleasures, there is no such thing available to humans. But these powers are certainly purposeful, for the purpose of attaining any particular goal, boon forms are found. Man's self-welfare is hidden in this matter of getting into the field and achieving the purpose of life.

It is not a difficult thing for a man to have such understanding. Such occasions, such incidents often come in the lives of every person. But they do not have any significance for the general category people, fortunately if such a tool is available to them, they can not stay in self-welfare difficult path for long. There is a fascinating attraction in the worldly matter and the fascination. People start experiencing their tiredness very quickly by the difficulties of cultivation, and soon the efforts begin to get lost and roll back in their reverse life. Sadhana Virtually man is an important means of making life successful, but a brave person can move forward on it. There is no fault in the cowardice. Those who are determined to change their minds on pag-pag, they can not delay the difficulties and they leave soon.

The rituals of birth and deaths on the life of the soul are similar to those that are wrought in the iron. The process of rooting is undoubtedly difficult, it can be accomplished only by hard work, the iron is ever bruised, sometimes it is thrown into the fire, then beat it, then drowns in the water. After giving a blow-on-trail all around, the same rusty striped iron comes out as a beautiful steel, then it becomes easier to make any tool, any weapon. Iron is also essential for reducing the creatures from worldly desires and bringing them into eternal form. Who can burn in this fire, can get the same true and complete benefit of spiritual life or God worship.

There is a great need to bring the mind into the discipline of wisdom as soon as such desire for achieving the goal of life. The difficulty of rate-of-minded monopolyism is the main difficulty of attaining God. Man is the operator of life and is of great power, but there is an evil in it. If it becomes voluntary, like the impaired horses, then neither the charioteer nor the charioteer nor the charioteer. Man's mind is gradually downgrading. It's easy to fall down. The difficulty comes in raising him up, but it is possible only when the mind is controlled by the control of intelligence. The intellect makes the mind upward, and destroys the consciences. Therefore, it is necessary for the instrument of the person to maintain the intellectual discretion of the mind on the loyalty of the mind.