Part-2 Our Heredity

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The genes are not directly related to behavior. Gene directs direction of the development of body tissue and organs. In this way they also control the activity of body. These verbs of body clearly affect behavior, and in this way relationship of jeans also happens with behavior. For example, if a person receives small legs, stubby fingers or deaf ears from inheritance, surely his abilities will be limited in some areas. Similarly, thousands of chemical elements participating in physical functions are also determined by jeans. For example, many sensory elements for the vision or that of the blood combine many chemical elements. The presence or presence of these elements is related to jeans. Many such symptoms are related to inheritance.

Findings of study of basic components of inheritance, genes and chromosomes are indicative of the fact that the microscopic base of construction in the limitless cells is so widespread and complex. The nutritious meal does not strengthen the enamel stool. On the contrary, the soundness of the eternity is formed and the basis of the juice-pasteipa of food is formed. Staying anxious about eating and eating well, being unaware of the basis of the construction of limitless cells, who is considered to be the best man of life, makes him miserable and contaminated, and the future saints also curse that pathology.

A gene pair instructs the development of a particular 'characteristic' of the body. Eyes are brown or blue, hair is dark black or are light golden or red, curly or have normal hair or baldness, vision is normal, or there is the possibility of having high blood, hearing power is normal, or congenital deafness, The blood is normal or that is the fault of 'hemophilia', the color is clear or the alphabet is defect, the number of fingers or thumbs is normal or is less, some finger in any joint Small is big then, all components are normal or distorted some components, etc.

French philosopher Manten was diagnosed with stone disease at the age of 45. His father started this disease at the age of 25. Whilst Manten was born, his father was only twenty-one years old. At that time he did not have this disease. But in their jeans the basis of this disease was present. Montane's gallbladder disease was running for many generations.

The 'galacto limitations' of children is related to the disease. The gene, when Yuri does not allow the dial transfer enzyme, the children do not digest the milk-sweetess-galactos. As a result, he gets accumulated in the blood and gets accumulated in the liver and spoils the stomach. And the cause of death also happens.

The cause of the disease called 'achodme titis atropopathika' is mainly due to the distortions of jeans. Eye cancer - Retino is the result of blastema-genes-defect. The children 'abrodoplasia' of jeans remain disturbed due to distortion. They die soon. Even if they survived, they are unable to increase their lineage. Women with such defects cannot save themselves even when they are pregnant; child life is also in danger.

If it is possible to transplant genes of 'bacteria' Rhizobium 'into any bacteria that are found in roots of crops such as paddy, wheat, jowar millet etc. then these crops will not have to spend more fertilizer. Efforts are being made for this in genetics laboratories around the world including India.

Seeing this, how many sections, probabilities connected to the human being with a very subtle component 'jeans' in this limitless cells, seem to be neglectful, makes it the creator of this great artist, who makes the great artwork of the artist. In the difference, this hook arises repeatedly, it would have been good if we knew the method of awakening and utilization of these important powers, learn and find and find ourselves.