Part-2 conscience of impartial judgement

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Some self-confident yogis tell you that it is going to happen for you in future and it really happens. On such occasions, there should be no doubt that man is sovereign, that which is written in prarabdh, that is what happens. The future narrative of self-respecting nobleman is not due to man's subjection. It is because they have seen that its prodigious deeds have now been made of its warp and it is difficult to escape. From their astral vision, they reveal it by looking at the unseen situation. Knowing the mascal, the executive knows the nature of the ruler, whether the verdict is going to be announced, but this does not mean that there is no importance of the matter, the issue, the evidence, the lawyer. It is meant to tell what is written in its destiny, that it had done such a thing at a time whose fruits are now going to happen. Fatehad and Tadveer are not two things, but there are two names of the same object. When the fruit becomes a result of karma, then it is called destiny, it is said that raw mango is there and pakha mango fadir. The new action is the picture, which will become a futuristic future. Similarly, the old day is being said to be fruitful while giving fruits. Karma is purse and pranked old cow. Two names of an object have been reduced by the time difference.

The reader must have understood how the results of mental sins are met and what is the reason for it being delayed. Daily objections come with order, system, but they satisfy in the mind through the words of Divine Wrath, God-will, the world is miserable etc. In reality, God does not present any sorrow for anyone, nor is there a desire to put somebody in pain and neither is this world sad. The spider produces its own nets and keeps itself trapped, entangled, hangs in it. By making an inauspicious, unrighteous, sinful mind, the thorns of self-slander are planted by themselves and when they bite, they cry and scream others. Here one thing should be understood more clearly that the prized fruits will be accidentally found, such as death from disease, falling of house, loss of money, injury due to fall, broken limbs etc. Such actions are not intentionally done by other persons because they have two evils, due to the irritation of one person who has been tortured, they will increase the debility and will increase the anxiety of the mind further, the person who does the other, Will have to be stuck in. People are being deliberately done by the people, they are innovative and untimely and unfortunate sufferings, they are the victims of prarabdhad.