Part-1 you are the creator of your world

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A philosopher thinks that the world is a useless thing. It wants to make it like us, it becomes the same. Jiva is the consciousness and is the Creator. The world is material and the root is. The creator has the ability to use the desire and need of the root material. The pottery is kept in front of the potter, it can also make a pitcher from it and even a lamp. Gold is placed in front of the goldsmith, she can make her jewelery from her. The tailor's hand has a needle and the cloth also. Whether he wants a kurta, pajama can be. The world is kept in front of us in the same way. There is a mixture of truth, raj, and all three. The person who chooses according to his will, whatever the object can choose from them. There is mud in the garden, there is dirt and also the aroma of flowers. Insects enter the mud, the flies search the dirt and reach the bhangar aromatic flowers. Everyone gets their desired object; bats and owls spread the light even during the night; honey and flies get a pile of sweets between the grass, the snake gets poisonous elements in the dew too. There are three types of objects present in triple nature. This shop sells sour, sweet, salty three-way deal. The customer who comes as a buyer, brings the goods of his choice. There is no shortage of any object in this reservoir. There are warehouses of everything. The mother has prepared a juice juice dish, which can be happy to eat the child's interest.

Both aspects of triple nature are present, one is good, one is bad, one black, the second white, one religion, the other is unrighteous, one happiness, the other sorrow. You have complete freedom of choice. What is the real form of the world, it has been said at the beginning, but it is an elemental interpretation, in practical terms, every person has their own separate worlds. A person is a thief, with his mental charm, he will be friends with many thieves and in the prison, in the society, in the house, he will get the talk of theft. The house will talk to him, then the theft, the mother will tell the bad woman good, someone will support the theft, someone will oppose. When you get out of the house, when you meet her, she will talk good about the profession of stealing, if she gets from your partner thieves, then the same thing will be the case of theft, thieves and thieves will be found in the prison as a mausoleum. And they will dissolve the things of your favorite subject Thus, for that thief, all this world will see dancing on the pivot of theft. He will be seen to be the world's biggest work theft. His attention towards other things will be very different. He will have to ignore other actions. In the same way, in the eyes of the perverted person, the entire women will see prostitutes, adulteresses, Kumargammini, similar books will be photographed and deposited with them. The partner will be of the same type, the biggest question in his mind will stand on the subject of lust. The addicts make their own separate worlds by combining their brothers and sisters of their nature.