Part-1 Weirdness of Quanta

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'Scientists develop new consciousness of research in them spirituality. Scientific experiments done with spiritual purity serve the double interest of self-satisfaction and public interest. 'These sentences also alerted Max Planck in dreams. They did not even think that they were looking at themselves. Everything seemed pleasing and sensible. It seemed like some new people have reached the public. Everything was light in here. The soft and pleasant light was spread all over. Everything was made of light rays here. Everything is wonderful and surprising but super-intimate. Here he saw himself and his grandfather. He seemed to be very happy and romantic. His body was also made of white light rays and woven. He was justifying them that being a scientist does not mean that separating themselves from spiritual expressions.

Max Planck was anxious and depressed for the past few days. A deep tiredness surrounded him. They felt like a dense black-brown cloud surrounded their intellectual consciousness. No route was visible or was not found anywhere. Everything was thirteenth. This had never happened before. He was intelligent enough There are complex problems in home or family or life, or the mysterious confusion of physics and mathematics; They used to do everything in the jumps. From childhood, he received the divine gift of Pratibha. The traditional intellectual background of the family has also been very successful in refining their talent. Both his great-grandfather and grandfather were professor of theology in Gatinjean, Germany. Father is a professor of law in Kell and Munich cities of Germany. His uncle was a respected judge. His own birth was also born in the city of Kel.

After spending a considerable amount of time here, at the age of twenty-one, from Munich University, physics in P.H. Has received the title of. Even after doing doctorate, his research instinctiveness did not diminish. And only a year later, he took up his original research efforts. Since then, he had come to work nearly twenty years while doing research work. But there was no meaningful conclusion. Equation of logic and mathematics, along with laboratory tools, was not able to give them any theory structure. His intellectual transgamity was also unable to take them across problems. Even today he even started thinking that the twenty years of labor would be useless only.

The day-to-day ideological quarrels made him very upset. To get rid of this problem, he used to support his favorite music. He had a passion for music since childhood. Pyanoo, harmonium, he used to play with great skill. The gorge was also sweet Seeing his proficiency in singing and playing, many of his companions started saying that he should have made music his career. But he loved physics. They found great pleasure in solving the mysterious mysteries of matter and creation. His grandfather often asked him to make this interest a little more confined. He explained them- Max! There is no separation from creation. Creativity is powered by the energy of the Creator. Even in the particles of lifeless material substances, it is vibrating.