Part-1 Types of sorrow

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No other creature or substance has the power to hurt anyone. All people enjoy the fruits of their own actions and they cry out and cry out of that same kind of enjoyment. From the back of the organism, such a rigid system has been tied up, which continues to produce the fruits of actions. Fish floats in water, its tail crushes the water and makes a line-back behind it. Snakes are crawling and their streaks on the sand are made, the work we do, their rites are formed. The sacraments of bad deeds become like their own self-grown prickly bush, for their own misery.

Now we start discussions of three types of actions, their three types of nature and three kinds of fruits. Happiness is the natural state of man. Discipline is a nature, so enjoying happiness is also natural. Pain is in grief. People are afraid of grief, they want to get rid of it. Therefore it is advisable to have thoughts of sadness here. Hygiene and therapeutics are two different scriptures. Similarly there are two different science of happiness and sorrow. Dharmacharan should be done for happiness-increase, as nutritious substances are consumed for health enhancement. To relieve the disease, there is a need to diagnose and diagnose the disease. Gaining insight into the intense speed of action is understandable. Withdrawing the cause of grief leads to a sudden retirement from sadness. Let us now try to keep the nature of misery in front of you.

There are three types of sorrows- (1) Divine, (2) the physical, (3) physical. Divine distress is said to those who are in the mind, such as anxiety, fear, anger, humiliation, hostility, anxiety, fear, grief etc. There are physical disorders that suffer from the effects of the body, such as disease, injury, trauma, poison etc. Physical distresses are those that come from a sudden invisible kind, such as earthquake, famine, overcrowding, pandemic, war etc. The pain of these three types of suffering is seen in distressing humans. These three grief are the fruits of our physical, mental and social actions. Due to the consequences of mental sins, there are divine miseries, physical sickness arises due to physical and social sins resulting from physical sins. Due to the development of the divine suffering-mental distress, they are mental sins, which are voluntarily done by being motivated by feelings of emotions such as jealousy, ungratefulness, deceit, conceit, pride, cruelty, selfishness etc. Because of these misconceptions, the environment that suffers in the brain, has the same effect on the intake itself, due to the type of smoke, the wall becomes black or the textile becomes dirty after being dug by oil.