Part-1 The cause of Sorrow

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Usually sadness is disliked. People understand that because of sin or due to God's wrath, there is sadness, but this thing is not completely true. One cause of misery is sin, it is alright, but it is not right that all grievances come only because of sins.

Many times it happens that because of the grace of God, due to pre-accumulated virtues and penance of virtue accumulation also causes sorrow. God has mercy on a creature and takes his asylum, has to move towards the path of welfare, then it brings such unhappy opportunities in order to relieve him from the mischief, through whose stumbling man understands his mistake Be careful, except sleep.

The worldly temptations, feelings of love and affection are so tempting that they can not be left out of ordinary will. There is a light-hearted idea that the priceless things like life should be used in some noble cause, but in the second moment, such breathtaking circumstances are revealed, due to which the light of the thoughts blows away and the human being, in the same paradoxical situation Lasts. To remove this kind of mud from God, God shocks his devotee, shaking loudly to awaken and sleeping. This shock and shaking looks like sadness to us.

The events leading to death, the death of dear loved ones, extraordinary losses, accidents, insults by trusting friends or hurt like heartbroken are also caused by the tremors of their tremendous shocks, and by being comfortable, Forget mistake Come on the right path except the wrong path.

It is sad because of the pre-accumulated auspicious time that auspicious kind of person wants to take that man on the best path, but if his tendency toward sin increases, then the auspicious time is considered to be an attack on him and to prevent it. Do the fullest effort to do A man goes to commit sin, but on the way such a disruption is present that due to him there is no success in that work. He becomes a sin-it is saved. If the feet break on the path to steal and the misdeeds can not be completed, then it should be understood that due to the pre-accumulated auspicious rites, it has happened because of the virtuous fruit.

In performing dharma karma, it has to endure extraordinary hardship in practicing duty duty. Lack of problems In addition, seeing the evil person being a traitor to their sinful selfishness, they become against the service of the religion and give various kinds of tortures, such sufferings have to bear on the feet of the righteous. It is the pain of virtuous accumulation, the beauty of penance, and the glowing painting of gold.