Part-1 Science of Household

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According to religious scriptures, man's essential duty is to obey. It is written that without the children go to hell, their virtue is not good. It has been written that without father's father, there is no relieve of father's debt. It is said that seeing a person whose mother is not in his mother's body is a sin. Many more such types of precepts are prevalent in Hindu religion, which means that it is necessary to follow the household religion. Why is so much emphasis? When this matter is critically debated, it becomes evident that the domestic religion is a type of yoga, which leads to spiritual advancement, Paradise is attained, liberation gets, and Brahma gets the fulfillment of nirvana. In ancient times most of the sages were householders. There were hundred sons of Vashishtha Ji, the wife of Atri ji was the disciple, Gautam's wife was Ahilya, Jamadagni's son was Parshuram, Chyawan's woman was Sukanya, two women of Yajnavalkya were Gargi and Maitrei, son of Lokesh was Shrundi Rishi. It is the second thing that has taken sannyas in old age, but the sages who have been in the ancient times have often been all the householders. In the household only they have done penance and Brahma has found Nirvana. Both Yogiraj Krishna and Yogeshwar are seen in the household form. In ancient times, there was a self-preservation of keeping hair, wearing barefoot, wearing dart, and having densely populated small villages and small huts. On the basis of these marks, the householders are considered to be homeless and their ignorance is to be demonstrated.

Domesticated religion is a natural, natural, essential and accessible access to self-esteem. As long as the boy remains alone, the intensity of his own self is small. She thinks of eating, eating, reading, playing and being happy about herself. His work area is limited to himself. When marriage is over, the scope increases, he starts thinking about the pleasures of his wife, bans his pleasures and desires, fulfills his wife's needs, spends his powers in his service and happiness.