Part-1 Rapidly changing world

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Conditions and substances in this world change very rapidly. The scene that is visible today, it will have some change in tomorrow. After a few days, the whole situation gets worsened in such a way as if it had no existence. Once in the forest-trees, the vine-bells are spreading, then on the fall of the autumn, it loses all the Sushma, as it was never. Where is the fall of the fall and its desolation even in the rainstorm of the fall? Like the theater, colors and visual changes change, one comes, the other goes. But everything is running so steady, as if a certain legislation, skillful nuts are sitting somewhere in solitude, operating this dynamic world. The world is really mysterious and even more mysterious is that which has composed it.

These visual changes sometimes give inspiration to a human being that he may gain knowledge of this infinite secret or as a result of these changes, he is troubled by fear, mourning, untimely death, dissatisfaction, liberation, and such pleasure Make available, which is never less, never end.

In other words, this can only mean the desire to attain God, the succession of heaven or salvation. Regardless of the attitude, but the essence of all of them is that the person is longing for happiness. But this happiness is not so simple, that everyone can get it. When big efforts, big power, labor and resources have to be gathered to achieve the small pleasures, then how did one get such an infinite pleasures like the God? The value of a big item is also bigger and it is also very difficult to meet. Those who try to find him by sitting in depth can find him. Diveers in shore or shallow water destroy their time, lose their resources. They neither get the pleasure of this person nor the fulfillment of supernatural aspirations.

This creation is originally divided into two parts. They differ in both size and property. (1) form is the root, which is not self-active, but it is grossly more important in the worldly sense. All the worldly pleasures and desires, they are distorted by the root material. (2) Chaitanya power is working in their origin. Rooted substances also seem to be enticing by the expression of consciousness. But in reality the root substance does not have the ability to give us something in itself.

Thus, the activity of the whole world is visible through consciousness of five physical nature and prana, but since man is also a composite experiment. Therefore, he is often inclined towards himself. The physical nature of the physical body and the separation of life does not come easily to it, but the changes and phenomena of world events, birth-deaths, origins, and destruction are seen whenever they see, the mysteries of the universe and the universe He also has a strong urge to acquire the knowledge of the controller. If you find someone like this kind of intellect, then you should understand the sacraments of your past lives or the grace of God. Unless this discrimination is created, a person has little desire to know the truth. His worldly subjects are so much that he can get rid of them with difficulty.