Part-1 Our Heredity

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Heredity is another name for attributes of its ancestors. Scientists know attributes which exist in organism are found in form of very fine particles from parents. These microscopic particles are called 'genes'. Our body is made up of many cells. 'Gene' is a part of cell itself. If a branch of a banyan tree is planted in a favorable place, then it will also be flourished like original tree. Genes of their cells will be alike their earlier trees. Just like in a sponge piece there are similar holes, like in sponge from which the piece has been broken.

Most plants and organisms originate from males and females. Some 'genes' meet with males along with some females. The seeds of strawberry bush are not roses, but such a plant can grow, in which there are two types of flowers instead of one. Black kitten can be quite white. If a plant or animal receives two types of 'gene' by genetics, and the effect of both of them remains equal, then the third attribute is produced by getting both of them. If there is red cow and white color, then the calf will not be white or red. It can be brown in color, that is, color between two. Scientific explanation of this rule is done on basis of principle of genetics. 'Genes' are the carriers of this heredity and are basic unit of heredity. It has been known from tests done so far that physical qualities of a person such as color, form, eye, skin, type other blood type, length, drowsiness, etc. are all genetic and distributive. These physical virtues are not received by parents only, but they are transmitted gradually of grandfather, great-grandfather and other ancestors. In hereditary properties, parent's right is half in each property. which is, one fourth of the mother and a quarter of the father. Each of the four pastors of their past is sixth part of every virtue, that is, total body weight of all four ancestors is one fourth. Rest come from 1 quarter and older generations.

Ritual of a person is accumulated wealth and means of birth. But formation of its appropriate equipment-ananymocyte, the formation of genes, also depends on precision plus complexity, it is also evident by modern discoveries of genetics. When the Indian sages was familiar with these subtleties, they used to say that it was compulsory for parents to have a characteristic, austerity and temperament. It is an unimaginable imagination, aspiring to have a sense of well-being with the mischief-makers of continuing to calm scars of sense-lips. There is no possibility of its success. Getting acquainted with these subtleties of limitless cells, arranging his life in such a way, the person is not only able to become the father of the capable nation, but he is endowed with many special abilities and figures, from which man is the meaning and dignity of body. The cultivation of limitless cell is the name of development of these abilities of self.