Part-1 Historical landscape of scientific spirituality

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The curiosity of the historical landscape of scientific spirituality has thrilled him. The brightness of their blue eyes grew slightly deeper. Their pink lips smiled. He blinked his eyes with lightning, lightly raised his hand and stood up. With slow movements, he made one round of the hallanuma room and stood near a big wardrobe. There were many such stories in this room, like this, all of which were full of books related to religion, spirituality, philosophy and science. The compilation of these books showed their attitude, interest and curiosity. Now she was able to find a book from the closet so much that she was shocked at the door, she almost shook her back. At the door, her husband Philip Nil was standing. Both looked at each other and smiled. These spouses used to love each other very much, despite their different interests, often contradictory attitudes. They had a strong relationship.

Philip saw a book on the mysteries of the Himalayas in his hands and laughed. Then again, it is limited to reading only or it has decided to go back to Himalaya. He also laughed and said - Something like that. Despite his differences with his wife, Phillip was a fanatic of his strong will, deep spiritual gesture and intense scientific aptitude. While living in this beautiful city of France, he traveled alone in England, Switzerland and Spain at the age of eighteen. His life span lasted for 101 years from 1868 to 1969. In the last few years, he also made trips to Lanka and India. Mrs. Neel was the first European woman to visit the remote Himalayas. He had deep faith and affection for the Himalayas. He had studied Vedic literature and Buddhist literature adequately. These days he was studying the Upanishads. Occasionally, she used to say this while referring to her husband - Spirituality is not mysticism, there is also scope for scientific experimentation and tests. I say, the proof of being a saint of spirituality is also present in the Vedas-Upanishads. Buddha himself also accomplished his spiritual practices with the loyalty of a scientist.

So okay, Alexandra, but what do you want? Philip did not understand his words much more. Right now I just want to go to the Himalayas to reach India. On his statement, Philip looked at him with a long, camouflaged body, very beautiful to be said to be so different from how the mind of this young woman with such a nano-figure. The combination of beautiful body, intensely thoughtful, inquisitive but determined mind and innocent, unblemished and simple expression is rare. It was all in Alexandra together. He kept watching them for a long time, then said, OK, I gather all your arrangements. By saying so, he sent a telegram to William Jones, a friend living in Calcutta City of India.

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