Part-1 Change of attitude

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It should be well understood that the meaning of yoga is to add to its subtlety narrations in greatness, generosity and world bondage. That is to refine the selfishness and make it a Prayer. For the purpose of accomplishing this purpose, the practices of innumerable types of yoga are done. One of them is a sadhana of yoga. It is more pleasant and natural than other practices. That is why Acharyas have given Sahitya Yoga the second name of household yoga. Mahatma Kabir has given a lot of discussion and praise of Sahaja Yoga in his posts.

When using an object properly, it shows a huge profit even when it is simple, and if something is good, even if it is misused, it becomes harmful. The best nutritious substance like milk can also be used for duration and death if it is consumed periodically. On the contrary, if the poison is also used properly after refining, it works like a nectar of chemistry. In the context of homesteading, this is the case when conducting with proper attitude, Brahma Nirvana can be attained even while living in the house, as many Sage Mahatma Yogi and ascetic have attained in the past. Nowadays, householders are seen to be suffering more than suffering, anxiety, disease, grief, chronic diseases, sin-warming, and should not be presumed that the reason for this is homesteading, it is the result of mental and mental disorders. Due to corrupt minds, in every ashram, in every single character, there will be such a crisis in every country, and sadness will be present. For this, it is useless to blame poor house of worship. If it was really contaminated, immoral and despicable, then the great men of the world, incarnations and age-makers would have kept themselves separate from it, but we see that almost all of the history of the greatness of the world is centered on the axis of the houseless home.

The best place to practice for the advancement of affinity is your home. Nut learns to play art in the courtyard of his home. The child learns to stand in his house and to walk. The practice of yoga should also start from home. The area of ‚Äč‚Äčlove, sacrifice and service is the best place to practice. The place where the light of these elements falls is the same brightness. As long as the feelings of intimacy are lacking, there are feelings of malice, hatred, anger and neglect towards others, but when the thoughts of their thoughts increase, then the light-hearted things also appear very beautiful. Mother keeps her self-esteem towards her child, so if she is not beneficial, she has a lot of affection, she also feels patriotic wives, her black-and-white husband and defective husband, also looks beautiful like Indra and Jupiter.

The root of all the fights in the world is that we are less giving and demanding more. We want to do so much and do not ask for revenge or hope to get very little. All the disputes around us disappear once we accept this policy. The person who is motivated by great spiritual practice, has to make his attitude-giving and service. Fill your heart with the generous feelings of love and start dealing with renunciation and service with relatives. After a few moments a miracle will appear. Your small family, which has been living a house of discord and troubles for so many days-will see the paradise of peace. The love emotions of their intimacy come back to their family by colliding with the people around the family and they beat them with the fragrant spices of joy and beat the faded enlightenment.