Our daily routines

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If inspection is done for day-to-day tasks, they will have to divide into three categories. There are some things that happen without information. Like living in bad people or in satsang, their effect falls secretly in some part of it. It had an effect but we did not accept it willingly, because it is light, weak and with little effect, lying in one corner of our inner consciousness, such inferior semen is said to be collected, accumulated karma. The work that forced me to fall into a helpless situation, but in the helpless condition, but the inner desire of the mind is that if I had not compromised, then I would never do this work. In this way, the work of helplessness, and the mind against whom the rebellion and the work has not taken its form, then the rituals of that work are also mild, short-lived and low impact.

Such works also fall under the category of accumulated karma. The sacraments of these accumulated deeds are very weak and light, so they remain in the unknown corners of the Manobhooma for thousands of years, if they do not get any good opportunity to appear, then they are buried under the pressure, but If such bad deeds are deliberately done with deliberate, special meditation, then they also begin to clambered accumulated sacraments. Like the horses in good horses fall in the herd, they also go out of the grave and live. Just as a broken seed rises in good soil and good rains, the accumulated sacrament also grows with the help of the strong deeds of its caste. Their courage is defeated by receiving support, but if those accumulated rituals have to constantly remain with the strong karmic rituals of opposite nature, they also become destroyed. A pot of water kept in a hot place, after the effect of heat, is dried in a month or two, in this way, if the samskaras of good deeds are being collected, then poor poor rituals are burnt and burnt in their heat. It is mentioned in the scriptures that pilgrimage etc., doing so many good deeds, the sins of so many births are destroyed, in fact it is only in connection with the accumulated rites of these little ones. Both good and evil types of accumulated karmas are rewarding by favorable conditions and are also destroyed in severe adverse situations.