New layers of consciousness

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In response to this question in his mind, Maharshi said with a soft smile: 'Spiritual science of the ancient sages of India is completely scientific.' For modern scientific and scientific thought-consciousness it would be right to say scientific spirituality. Its fundamentals are five- 1. Curiosity- It can also say research problem in your scientific language. 2. Selection of the correct method of worship according to nature and condition. In scientific terminology it can also be called research method. 3. The impeccable use of the body in the disorder-free laboratory experiment. Scientifically speaking, it is a verb experiment in a controlled position, in which continuous surveys are conducted, any action under control conditions. He reiterated his statement in the sweet English language. 4. Testing of the experiment done and the continuous Aaklan. And the last 5 Accurate conclusions in the result of all of these Maharishi gradually completed his words in a simple voice. Meanwhile Annamalai Swamy brought him a glass of water. Whom he drank slowly

With this he stood up. Carjung also raised with them. The expressions of his face seemed to be satisfactory. Now Maharishi started walking there with slow movements. Stage-strolling he said - The scientific curiosity of my spiritual experiment was - Who am I? To solve this I chose the method of research of meditation and meditation. In this Arunachalam mountain cave, my experiments run in the body and mind laboratory. In the result of these experiments the sophisticated unconscious was refined. New layers of consciousness opened I have tested and judged them in the chronological order. And finally I reached the conclusion, my ego dissolve in the soul. Later, the soul became united with God. Transfusion of the ego into the soul transformed man into God.

While listening to these things of Maharishi, Carl Jung removed his eyesight from the right hand and cleaned it from the handkerchief and then put it in his eyes. There were expressions of complete happiness and deep satisfaction on their face. Something like this has eroded clearly by eradicating the vision of his eyes. Now everything was clear. He had understood the fundamental principle of scientific spirituality. After this visit to Maharishi Raman, he returned from India. And again in the year 1938, he gave his lecture at Yale University, 'Psychology and Religion' It was an introduction to his new approach. In the later years, he wrote in his preface to 'Raman and His Message to Modern Man' - Shri Raman is the true son of Bharat Bhumi. He is the luminous pillar of the scientific manifestation of spirituality and also some wonderful. In his life and education we see the holiness of India, which is giving the message of the source of scientific spirituality to entire humanity.