Mysterious singularities of Human body

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The visible body-body structure is similar to other creatures, but when entering its interval, it shows that there is a singularity in pag-step. The formula of fertility capability is very small unit-jeans. These are very minor components living in the interval of sperms and ovaries which are not visible through the eye. Even so, he has to be amazed by his ability. It should not be assumed that hormones or jeans are well-suited to mysterious abilities. The truth is that the whole body is full of secrets. Unfortunately, we neither understand its power or raise the courage of its use.

The macro part of the body is composed of small stem cells (cells) in which a substance 'cytoplasm' (fatty yellow matter) is filled. Is located in the middle of it, nucleus of the cell nucleus. The male sperm cell or female egg cell of the female nucleus contains small threads (chromosomes). They have 23 or 24 pairs in a nucleus. From these, 'jeans' stick to the number of millions. The development of new human body and genetic property in them depends on these developments.

What are these jeans? How does it fulfill its amazing role? From this mystery, science has not been able to take the curtain right now. Research has been going on very fast in relation to them, many secrets are open, yet they are not equal.

Based on the study so far, 'jeans' are small electrifying baskets or packets. It is believed that they are composed of a combination of many types of nucleic acids. Only two of them could be known about. They are (1) DNA (D oxy ribo nucleic acid) (2) RNA (Rhibo Nucleic Acid).

The structure of jeans has not yet been known, but it has surely become known that from the specific composition of body parts, there is a wonderful ability to develop many traditional habits, diseases and properties. Science is not yet known about how to control their properties and activities, but it has come to be believed that amazing attainments can be achieved if the properties and functioning of 'jeans' can be influenced. . This small component of the Anaenama kiosk is able to absorb the negligible size electrified packets living in nucleus of one cell, from surroundings of human surroundings and its thoughts and emotional characteristics.

It has become clear that the nature and qualities which the person earns through his environment and his efforts do not get inherited, and no person can provide those acquired attributes by inheritance to his children. For example, if a person has learned many languages, then he cannot give that knowledge to his children by inheritance. Children also have to adopt the popular methods of language knowledge and will have to work hard. On the other hand, it is also clear that the definite impact of inheritance is on the offspring. The entire structure of genetics is based on this basis. It is true that no person can expect the flowers of roses from sowing the seeds of wild plum. Who can remove the eggs of the sparrow from the eggs of sparrows? But the seeds of the plants which are sown are like them, why do plants grow at the same time? Why do rats and cat are made from rats only? The answer is, heredity means regular lineage tradition, due to which it happens. The seed which will be the seed of the seed will be the result of it. The method of working in heredity also includes and the height and height of things too. For example, making a fine hanging nest does not have to teach a damaged bird.