Most Popular Tourist Attractions in the United States 2018

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What do you imagine when you hear tourist attractions in United States 2018? Empire State? Disneyland? Statue of Liberty? Niagara waterfall? Or even Alaska? It's all not wrong. All that is mentioned is indeed a tourist spots spread throughout the American continent.

Our lives in this day and age are so much filled with products of American pop culture. For example, from simple things, food. Who doesn't know McDonald's? Even though they sell fast food with minimal nutrition, but each McD outlet is never empty of visitors. Even Hollywood films are always selling well as most watched in theatres.

Talking about American culture is endless. American influence has been so strong in shaping our daily lifestyle. So from that, there are a lot of young people who have aspirations to vacation in United States. If this year you are lucky to be able to go there, then you have to prepare a few things. Starting from searching for flight tickets, hotels, arranging visas, and looking for references.

There have been many articles on Internet that discuss tourist attractions in United States 2018. For example, popular tourist attractions, unique, until info about attractions of United States which is famous for its glaciers is where. Without need to go at length, let's see a list of 5 tourist objects that you must visit when in America:

Seeing Statue of Liberty with its own Head Eyes is compulsory

United States has its own way of welcoming everyone who comes there. This method is symbolized in the embodiment of Statue of Liberty. This tourist attraction in New York is an object that must be visited so as proof, we have arrived in America.

Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island on Hudson River. However, do you know if this 93-meter tall statue is work of a designer from Paris? Yes, Statue of Liberty is a gift from France to United States on 100th anniversary of independence.

Designer himself is same person in designing the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Statue of Liberty reflects an American ideology that upholds freedom. For more than 100 years Statue of Liberty has been dedicated as a landmark and a welcome statue to welcome immigrants and tourists who come.

 Legendary Empire State Building on Jay-z and Alicia Keys

Who is not familiar with Empire State of Mind song title sung by Alicia Keys, and Jay-Z? This song truly illustrates atmosphere of New York and America which is full of enthusiasm and sparkling dreams.

In video clip is also clearly displayed like what luxury of Empire State Building. Although this building is not highest in world, don't let your visit to America even skip this place. In order for your experience to enjoy the panoramic view of city of New York even more optimally, try to come at night.

At night from a height, you will see how busy traffic of residents of New York is. Without any hindrance, and can be seen in 360 degrees, view of city of New York at night will be so fascinating. What Frank Sinatra said in his song is true, "New York, city that never sleeps".