Happy Fathers Day Quotes

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Father was a tireless fighter, day and night he worked hard to get a bite of rice for his wife and child, he was willing to sweat in the heat of the sun and cold in the rain and storm, all so that his children could go to school tall and get a decent life.

All the struggles of the parents can never be replaced in any form, as well as the services of Father's sacrifice to all of us, right on this day, November 12 2015, Indonesia specifically commemorates Father's Day, the day when the old male figure becomes the bone in the family awarded and treated special.

Not only Indonesia is commemorating it, in other countries it has been perpetuating Father's Day by making it a special figure even on different dates and months, if in Indonesia today is November 12, but in a number of other countries right on the day week of the third week in June.

There are many ways to capture these beautiful moments, there are some students and students in several schools who participated enliven them by shaving their beards, combing their hair and massaging their father.

However, there are also those who have to be sad, because they have lost their father first because they have been called by the Almighty.

For friends who want to express their deep gratitude to Father, Father, Abi, Abah, Dadi, Babeh or your male parents, you can use wise pearls of wisdom references to surviving Father's Day which we will share on this occasion as thank you to Daddy. So you can celebrate and capture the precious moments of the day. Hopefully, the wise words we share this time can benefit you all.

5 Inspirational Happy Fathers Day Quotes

1. Thank you, Father, for your sacrifice, knowledge and love that you have given me so far ...

2. Forgive me father, if that dream hasn't materialized. But for the sake of Father and Mother, I promise to reach it.

3. Father, you are the greatest and strongest figure beside Mother

4. Father, far away you always make my heart erratic. Being with you can never be replaced with anything. I MISS...

5. Thank you, Daddy, you're still brave against the waves. Your perseverance and struggle for your family's happiness. Even though sometimes you have to fall down, but you still try to stand back for your child and wife.

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