Good Morning Quotes for Her

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1. As beautiful as you

"I hope your days is as beautiful as you".

This romantic good morning, though brief, contains great hope for lovers. The quote can be written as Fb status when you just wake up.

A good couple must expect her lover's day to be smooth without significant problems. At least the day lived by the lover will be able to compensate for her beauty.

2. Attacking My Life

"You are the light beam of my the dark life, I am very lucky to have you".

Having a partner can change a person's condition. People who were often confused and baper could turn cheerful after getting a boyfriend.

You can use this romantic good morning greeting as Facebook status. Show that you feel grateful to have a lover who is able to light up your life.

Sweet Good Morning Quotes for Her

3. Directly in the Mind

"You are the light beam of my dark life, I am very very lucky to have you".

When you are infatuated with someone very special in your heart, your mind will not be able to escape from it. Even there is a term, "You're not tired, keep running in my mind?"

It is true while worshipping someone, he is like an endless marathon runner running in our minds. Ever since we opened our eyes, he immediately ran around in his mind.

4. Wake up by your side

"I can't wait for the day I can wake up by your side".

A couple of lovers who make a story of true love certainly someday want to continue the relationship to the level of marriage. By getting married, we are always with him, including when I wake up.

Express the seriousness of your love by using the quote above. That you can't wait to experience the most beautiful day, where you wake up and find it by your side. There is nothing wrong with you using the sentence above. Maybe he will wake up soon with his face flushed red because your gomb is right on target.

5. Provided with you

"Beautiful morning and will continue to be beautiful. Because you can still be happy with you".

The source of one's happiness can come from anywhere. Some are happy to buy novels, shoes, and the latest clothing models.

But there are some people whose source of happiness can be simpler but very valuable. Still being able to enjoy the beginning of the day while still having a beloved lover is a truly happy gift.