Gifts and Words for Happy Mother’s Day Quotes

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Gifts and Words for Happy Mother's Day Quotes! Mother's Day in Indonesia falls on December 22, in this context in Indonesia, it is more an expression of affection and gratitude for the mothers, praising the mother's motherhood. Everyone certainly has a photo with mom, even if only a photo when they were little.

But year after year photo sheets from childhood are increasingly disappearing and not even more clearly visible but rarely are children who intend to renew the old photos with new ones again. Minister of Finance congratulates Mother's Day for all Indonesian women regardless of their profession. According to him, all women have a very important contribution to the nation.

Minister of Finance said that 'I would like to wish you a happy Mother's Day especially to women, even if they also become housewives. They all have very important contributions, "he said"

Over time, children are more likely to walk with friends than with their mothers and fathers. Surely going out with friends will look 'slang' compared to Mother. Mother is the most meritorious woman in every child's life. As a child who is cared for until adulthood, it is obligatory for a child to give the best to the mother.

Not only for some children but throughout the world, this also has a moment to commemorate a special day for the mother. Even though mother's affection was never extinguished and could not be measured, this special day was welcomed by children throughout Indonesia to give the most beautiful moment of the Mother.

Coinciding with long weekends and holidays, on this Mother's Day you can prepare some special gifts in the last minute. It's never too late to give your mother a little happiness. However, are you preparing a special gift for Mother's Day?

Citing various sources, here are some gifts that you can prepare for the Mother's Day commemoration.

1. Quality Time, maybe some mothers are very busy with their work so they don't have quality time with children or vice versa. If this happens to you but you want to give a special gift to your mother, you don't need to worry. You only need to watch TV together, cook together, have dinner together or go on vacation.

2. You can make your own special gift on your day, happiness is not just money, value, or numbers. Give as many gifts as possible but your own creation. For example, you can make homemade dishes, write, paint or with greeting cards about happy mother's day.

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