Existence of soul

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Existence of soul could not be proved in laboratories, but there are other such unrealistic proofs which it proves that survival of organism remains alive even after death. In witness of this fact, such incidents of spirits and reincarnation may be presented which have come into experience of authentic individuals and they cannot be denied, in same way, there are also untold evidence of rebirth. It proves that such details of such incidents of previous births can be remembered in a new birth which was not known to other people. Nobody has raised the pre-birth details by teaching and teaching. This fear comes from evidence in which the children have identified the relatives of their ancestors and called them by name. In the same way, he has given personal personal such incidents that could not be known to other people other than those related to him. It can be understood as a solid proof of pre-consummation by extracting its wealth in ground. Even direct evidence of existence along with rebirth of spirits can be regarded as compared to laboratory-proven facts, then there is no scope for doubt in existence of soul.

Many such examples have been presented in book 'Human Personality and Its Survival of Wicked Death', which prove independent existence of a separate soul in body. Many examples are to have a person's body occupied by another soul, then release it. Also, there are details of children with great potential and proficiency in music, mathematics, fine arts etc., whose extraordinary knowledge proves the accumulated knowledge of ancestors.

Mathematician Shastri Ospenski has made an untested attempt to prove wider existence of consciousness in mathematics in three texts. In this context, in texts he wrote, 'In Search of the Miracleus-Tertium Organism of Internal Life - is more famous.

Physics professor Robert Mayer, who has searched for philosophy of energy, tells that element which remains in its most subtle state can be considered as a consciousness. It remains in monotonous and omnipresent position at a high level. His substitute and merger sequence goes on in a gross manner.

Psychologist J.V. Rhine has described human mindset as parasitic and paradoxical. They regard it as an independent entity of electrical and magnetic level, which keeps its power even after death. There are so many strong resolutions attached to it, with help of which to create and hold old-level and some new type of shape. In his view, this person is fully capable of creating his own independent existence in consciousness scene or invisible state.

Einstein believed in activation of consciousness at origin of creation. J.A. Thomson, James Jones, A. S. Edigrans etc. have said the same thing while explaining new directions of science-science has no authentic information about beginning of life. Scientific exploration is now heading towards world of consciousness and thought.