Endless cycle of Life and Death

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Living beings works through his knowledge and efforts and this karma only makes him travel in various vagina. As long as he does not know nature of his pure tense and it does not become a target, then he enjoys worldly pain in life, but when he starts to try to attain pure consciousness, The bar is also free from the anxiety of holding many types of body.

This thing becomes clear from introduction of bacteria. Bacteria are said to be smallest organisms, their physical appearance is very different from humans. A nucleus and its side-side proton membrane Each type of bacteria has its own elements in proton membrane, depending on nature and nature of bacteria. That is, good qualities of soul remain with all places.

There is no way to estimate how much bacteria eat. Lazy people are skilled at just eating and raising children, their ability to develop knowledge, learning, discretion and new types of new skills cannot be developed, in same way bacteria also only eat and drink Live. Bacterium eats two times more than its weight in an hour. As long as the food remains, the account remains. Sulfur, iron, egg, blood, rotten leaves, wood and dead animals are their food, in this view, bacteria continue to benefit a lot of humans, if there were no bacteria, so much of filth on Earth would increase that man It becomes difficult to survive

Some toxic bacteria survive on carbon monoxide. It is a poisonous gas and harmful to humans. Like Lord Shiva, a great benevolent work of protection of human race from poison creates bacteria, whereas most of human beings are engaged in their own selfish selfishness.

Surprisingly, creation process is unmatched by bacteria, but also consciousness of consciousness Cannot perceive astral vision More unique the bacterial lineage is, the same as the rendering of pure consciousness of soul. Take a bacteria which produces yeast, you will see that both the male and female work do the same bacterium and prove that the soul is neither a man nor a woman, that is pure consciousness only, the woman's When the body comes in the body, the woman becomes a man after coming into the body. This consciousness becomes buffalo elephant in body of buffalo, elephant in body of elephant. There is a difference in body but in principle soul is same kind of consciousness.

When a bacteria increases and increases, then spleen splits from it. Nucleus breaks in a little while and takes form of a new bacterium. Shortly after birth, she also starts to increase the birth rate. Thus, both father and son go on to producing too many children. They also start to raise their children, while their old grandfather is also engaged in generating a child like fools who do not know that there is not enough to create a child, their education, health, livelihood etc. have not been arranged. So the increased population can only cause crisis. Existence of bacteria and its wildly reproduction is also dangerous to human beings.