Direct and Indirect ways of life

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Seeing this direct life and speed are more capable and powerful, but it is only your mistake and gross vision. If your knowledge becomes visible and understanding of the activities of inter-croppers, then it will know that In terms of power and strength, world is weakest, its eyes, ears, nose, hands and feet are very limited in the strength of the intestines, even from it Next, the body of his phantom or his shadow exists, it is relatively more powerful. He is dynamic like the Vedas, as powerful as lifting up the mountain, and the interlude that brings hundreds of miles away in blinking. Apart from this, there is no other power than God, the power of all the powers, the means and the divine knowledge, there is no fear, nor jealousy, hatred and deprivation. Not even the pain of death, the separation of loved ones does not even stop. This set of universes and universes transmits to the perfect state, where there is no desire, there are no desires, neither is it, nor are the diseases, no duty. It has been described as a state of ecstatic state, ecstasy, witness, vision and ecstasy.
For last forty years, top astronomers are engaged in this quest to know that they came to know that this creation and the inhabitants here are the last or any other universe. Findings that have come out so far in this quest are to give a glimpse of the physical vision. As the identity of the more subtle and capable areas is becoming more and more intense within the gross world, surprises are increasing.
Imagination of many creatures within one is similar to the fact that another water within the water is the same. If you want to test with the common sense or separate from the hand, then this heavy water cannot be separated from the normal water. The reason for not accepting existence of indirect is that we are equally mindful of wisdom, but when scientists show the effect of its manifestations, we have to be forced to obey that thing. Matter of water within water is similar. First of all, in the year 1931, when the scientific era informed the presence of 'heavy water' within the water, people were amazed. It is necessary to understand atomic structure of water to understand it. A molecule of water is formed by the combination of two hydrogen and an atom of the oxygen. The difference between normal water and heavy water is due to light and heavy hydrogen. Hydrogen is the lightest element in the world, because its nucleus (nucleus) has the same proton and an electron. There is no 'utron' but when it comes to an additional proton and a neutron - the same water molecule gets heavy water and its features increase thousands of times more.
It can be summed up as the essence of normal water, then only 6500 kg of water gets its total gross of 1 kilogram. But it is so important that the normal water will be boiling at 100 degree centigrade and will freeze on zero, but heavy water is 101.4 degree. But before boiling and chaos, i.e. 3.8 degrees. Only accumulates on the centigrade. The weight of one liter of normal water where only one kilogram occurs, the heavy water is 1100 gm i.e. 1 kg 1 hundred grams. The work makes it even more important than that. At present, technique of fission of uranium has not been fully developed and therefore the purpose of 'soft' and 'cold' is to complete the water where there are molecules in reactors. Its 180 metric ton quantity generates electricity of 200 MW.