Cute Quotes to Inspire Your Romantic Relationships

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Not all wise quotes are patronizing, really. There are also many wise words that use tickling jokes that are even more touching in the heart. For example, funny love wise words that you can read here. If you are curious, just go ahead and check it out!

Inspiration from wise words of love can be used to deal with your ups and downs with your partner. So that in your love affair is not only about romantic races but also wise and intriguing words of wisdom. If you want to find funny words of wisdom for your girlfriend, then reading this article is the right choice.

Although not desirable, sometimes romance will experience ups and downs. To respond to this, a wise attitude is needed from both parties to undergo the relationship. Because if you fight the fire using fire, it is possible that the relationship that you live will not succeed.

No need to bother looking for a collection of funny words from books and the internet. In this article, there have been several funny love wise words that might be suitable for your current situation. Do not waste time again, immediately read and absorb this article to the end and find inspiration and motivation in it!

Cute Quotes

1. Three Reasons for Someone's Dislikes

"Three things that make someone unpopular: an empty brain, nonsense and an empty wallet".

In everyday life, there are some things that make people disliked. The thing that is not liked is related to empty words, namely the brain, talk, and an empty wallet.

An empty wallet is understandable because everyone's financial capabilities are different. The most important thing is, don't get a brain and say nothing about it, You might be shunned by your friends later.

2. It's not a happy guarantee

"A handsome face is not a guarantee that a household will be fun, especially a person who is not beautiful".

A pleasant household is certainly everyone's dream. But what is needed to make this happen? The answer to the question is indeed rather difficult and complicated.

According to wise words of love above a beautiful face alone is not a guarantee that the household will be beautiful. For those who are beautiful, it does not guarantee beautiful homes, especially those who are not beautiful.

3. Prefer Beauty

"The average woman prefers to have beauty over the brain because the average man can see better than think".

Despite highlighting the issue of female beauty, the sentence above actually saves slaps for men. It was stated that most men looked more at beauty than the intelligence of a woman.

So don't blame a woman who brushes her face for a relatively long time. Because, no matter how smart he is, he will not be immediately realized by men. Another case if he looks cute, men's eyes must be automatically fixed on him.

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