Part-1 conscience of impartial judgement

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They are mental actions, which are voluntarily done intentionally, inspired by intense emotions. These tasks are done with special meditation, so their samskaras are also very strong. The reaction of such cruel acts, such as murder, blood, robbery, betrayal, theft, and fornication, is very intense in the heart; spiritual purity continues to be uninterrupted in order to expel that foreign matter, and remove it from one day or another Only gives.

We have told that our conscience sees all our work as an impartial judge and keeps on punishing the punishment according to the consequences of its inferiority. Since mental punishment itself can not be filled inside itself, it is also necessary for other means, our conscience creates an environment to present the same kind of event from the subtle people to complete the punishment. This preparation sometimes takes a lot of time. For the prevention of deceitful nature, a sentence of mourning is required. Now it will be seen that the deceit is of what degree, its purification can be fulfilled by the degree of grief. Consciousness will remain in itself within the same inner state to create similar circumstances. He will create such a principle in the body that by which the son is born, that son will mix in the body with such a soul, which is enough to live ten years according to his deeds, when our son is ten years old, that same inner consciousness secretly Will beat and will beat him with pain and create the desired opportunity of mourning. In preparing such opportunities, not only is the work done alone, but also the work of the other party. Consciousness on both sides explores opportunities for themselves and then when they get the desired joint, then the right role of an event is bound. It takes time for one, two, three or many births to do such tasks many times.

Looking for a girl for the groom and groom for a girl goes on for many days, hundreds of events are raised, but due to some lacking, they are not fixed, when both parties become agreeable, the marriage soon gets . In the same way, the father mourns the son and the son is the combination of short life, when both the laws are right, they get together. In Africa there is a ten-foot tall shrub called Vanceas, its branches like sprouted grapes grow. These shoots grow and hang around in the air. When no other sprout touches it, then they both fall into one another and they become united by adding force like a rope. As long as the second seedling does not meet, the yarns keep growing and sometimes they meet somebody. Any yarn goes to four to six fingers only and goes to cling to someone, someone succeeds after being four feet tall. This is the condition of the workforce. Corporal Punishment is one-way poison, it only dies, but there is an exception in mental punishment. As if a person was murdered by being cruel, if he was revealed, the state would get punishment, but if the killer hides his work, his conscience will not immediately punish him, but like that of the Vanceas tree from that day After screaming, he will return to seek out the experience of violence in the violence that he has to hate. When any other seedling is found on the other side, then the two together become the role of a fixed event. Suddenly, sadness is present even when doing good deeds, sometimes due to the above reasons, and sometimes there is no sorrow even while doing bad work, due to the delay, there is a delay in creating suitable opportunities.