Collection of Happy Words with Friends

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1. Thank You Friends

"Shading when anxious, close when difficult, treating when sick, and intimate when happy. That is a true friend".

Do you understand the meaning of friendship? If there are people who are at the same time when chatting, help you when you are in trouble and are next to you when you are sick, that is a sign that you have found a true friend.

In this world, there are many people who want to be close to us because they have their own aims and objectives. If the goal has been reached, you will be left alone. If you have found a friend who is truly sincere at your side, take care of them wholeheartedly and not hurt him.

2. Great Friends

"As long as you have great friends, everything will be fine".

In living this life, of course not only the pleasure you experience. There are times when sadness and problems stop in the course of your life.

But take it easy, everything will be fine as long as you have a close friend or friend who always lives by your side. They will always be there to accompany your days, both happy and difficult.

3. Selfless Friendship

"A reasonable human must have friends, selfless friendship. Without friends, life will be too quiet".

The short happy pearls of meaning from the writers of the novel from Blora are very suitable for real life. That every human being needs to have at least one friend. Because if you don't have it, your life will be lonely and too quiet.

In this life, everyone certainly has their own problems. The role of friends is to help you deal with every problem that is experienced. If you don't have someone who is always beside you, you might feel burdened in living your life.

4. Understanding each other

"There are many things that can be understood by two true friends without having to say anything".

One of the advantages of establishing friendships is understanding each other. Sometimes, they can understand you only from seeing the look on your face. When you grieve or have a problem, they can find out without you needing to say it first.

In addition, sometimes you and your friends have sign language to mark if there is something interesting. Without saying a word, you have understood each other's intentions and goals. Very exciting, right?

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